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Be A Good Listener
Be A Good Listener

10 Effective Ways to Be A Good Listener

As human beings, we are constantly hearing different things being said by different people on the way to life. As such, we are all listeners, but the definition or qualities of a good listener are a little different. Achieving success at work, studying, etc., gaining the trust, respect, and admiration of all, above all, the importance of being a good listener is immense in the development of a person.

In today’s article, here are ten ways to be a good listener that will help you to be a good listener as well as play an important role in your self-improvement.

Good listeners vs. general listeners

Renowned American writer and journalist Ernest Miller Hemingway said, “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

Really! Although everyone is a listener, there are some completely different qualities in a good listener that make him extraordinary even in general. Now you may be wondering, what is a good listener again! So let’s know at the beginning, what it means to be a good listener.

Good listeners are those who listen to the words of everyone around them, young and old, with equal importance and attention.

A good listener is always respectful of every opinion of the speaker. He inspires the speaker to express his thoughts through his various qualities. He is sympathetic to the speaker and tries to understand what the speaker means in a neutral way.

On the other hand, an ordinary listener never listens to everyone with equal attention. They are not neutral in most cases and they give their opinion in the middle of the speaker’s speech. The tendency to be sympathetic among them is also much less. These are the main differences between a good listener and a general listener.

The importance of being a good listener

In our society, we usually prefer to say rather than listen. We are not even interested in knowing the ways to be a good listener. But the importance of a good listener is no less than that of a good speaker. Let’s try to understand the importance of being a good listener through a small event.

Suppose you are a student. You will need to create and submit an assignment by tomorrow. Your teacher will tell you in detail in the class how to do that assignment.

You were busy on your cellphone at the time, so couldn’t listen to the teacher.

As a result, whenever you go to do the assignment the night before, you discover that you can’t remember the important parts of the direction given by your teacher. Which were extremely necessary to do your assignment.

Tell me why this happened? When your teacher was guiding you, you were not a good listener in that situation. But if you listened carefully to what your teacher said at that time, you would not have to face such problems. This is where the importance of being a good listener comes into play.

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The key to being a good listener is-

★ The importance of being a good listener in the workplace and in education is immense. A good listener never forgets any direction given by the speaker. He can remember the speaker’s words later and act accordingly. As a result, he can achieve success in every field of his life.

★ Since a good listener listens to everyone impartially, a good listener as a friend is appreciated everywhere. Not only that, a good listener can be known as a trustworthy person to everyone

★ Many seek advice from a good listener to solve their various problems and he can give various constructive suggestions to the speaker to solve their problems through his wise qualities.

★ A good listener is respected by all and he is appreciated by all.

★ A good listener has the qualities of prudence, patience, etc., so that he can solve various problems of his personal life skillfully.

★ The importance of being a good listener is also immense for self-improvement or personal improvement. A person is not only known as a good listener by listening to the speaker completely, but he has to acquire different qualities besides listening to the speaker. Which plays an important role in the personal development of a person.

By now you must have understood the importance of being a good listener. Every person living in a society should have an idea of ​​how to be a good listener. Because a good listener is valued enough everywhere.

Ways to be a good listener

Being a good listener is undoubtedly a great achievement. Because a good listener benefits in many ways in both his personal and professional life to achieve this. But being a good listener is not an easy task at all.

There are some specific ways to be a good listener that you can easily become a good listener by following. So let’s take a look at the ways to become a better listener –

1. Pay full attention to the speaker

The first way to be a good listener is to pay attention to the speaker. Try to listen with your mind to what the speaker is saying. The speaker says so you are listening to listen so that the matter does not happen in any way.

Because most of the time it is seen that if the listeners do not listen attentively, the speakers can catch it. This can ruin the speaker’s interest in the speaker as well as your image in front of the speaker. So listen carefully to what the speaker wants to say. At the same time, explain to the speaker with your body language that you are listening to him attentively. Keep an eye on the speaker and listen to him, shaking his head occasionally.

2. Keep electronic gadgets away

There are many people who are busy on their cell phones without paying attention to what the speaker is saying. It can never be done. Because a speaker always hopes that you will pay full attention to him while talking

So keep away from anything that could distract you from the speaker, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, etc. You will notice that when the speaker starts speaking you will be able to pay more attention than at other times.

3. Refrain from speaking between the speakers

Another way to be a good listener is to listen more and talk less. One of your responsibilities as a good listener is to allow your speaker to speak fluently.

If you go to speak in the middle of the speaker’s speech, the speaker’s continuity will be lost. It’s annoying enough to lose sight of the middle ground. So never stop him in the middle of the speaker’s words and say something of your own.

Even if it is constructive, wait until the end of what is being said. This will make the speaker respect you as much as you can be a good listener.

4. Be neutral while listening

The way a person feels about one of his experiences, you can never feel like him. So when your speaker shares any of his experiences with you, try to listen to it objectively. Don’t go judging him as soon as you hear something from someone. Rather listen to what your speaker wants to say with as much empathy as possible.

5. Refrain from comparing

Suppose you went to tell someone about a personal problem. Then he stopped you and started talking about the hardships of his own life. You don’t feel bad then?

This is exactly what you the listener, should keep in mind. Because refraining from comparing is an effective way to be a good listener.

Not only in the case of a sad story of the speaker but always refrain from comparing yourself with the speaker no matter what the speaker is talking about. Many people think that if you compare yourself with the speaker, maybe the speaker will get peace of mind. This idea is mostly wrong. In addition, when compared, the speaker feels annoyed and loses interest in speaking, especially in the field. So of course refrain from comparing yourself with the speaker.

6. Be sympathetic to the speaker

One universal way to be a good listener is to show empathy for the speaker. If you find that the speaker is not comfortable saying something, never force the speaker. Give him time to make it easy. Explain to him through your expression that you are ready to listen when he says.

As well as when the speaker says something, respond accordingly. For example, if you agree with a speaker, shake your head or say, “That’s right.” Or when the speaker tells a sad story, change your expression accordingly. This will make the speaker understand that you are sympathetic to him.

In many cases, it is seen that when he gets a sympathetic listener, the speaker wants to be light on him like a friend telling him all his secret troubles. Because not everyone can show sympathy. So if you know this way of being a good listener then you can also get a chance to be a friend of the speaker.

However, to show sympathy, never give any advice to the speaker without his permission. If the speaker wants advice, try to give constructive advice.

7. Try to remember the words spoken by the speaker

No matter who you are, young or old, try to remember as much as you can. This will give you two benefits. The first benefit is that later you can easily talk to the speaker if he needs to. Second, your speaker does not have to be embarrassed to ask a second question about what he or she has said. So try to remember the words spoken by the speaker as much as possible

8. Promise to maintain the speaker’s faith

When the speaker tells you something, there are often events that are very personal to him.

In these cases, your responsibility as a good listener is to reassure the speaker that you will keep every word of the speaker secret and never say it in public.

Remember, maintaining the speaker’s faith is one of the best ways to be a good listener. So try to gain the trust of the speaker.

9. Ask logical and situational questions

There are many times when the speaker has to ask questions to understand the words spoken by the speaker as a listener. Never ask the speaker any unreasonable questions. This may upset the speaker. If you don’t understand what the speaker is saying, ask him questions after the speaker has finished.

Make sure your question is constructive.

Also, do not ask any questions that are inconsistent with the situation. Again, it may be that you asked a logical question but the speaker did not answer your question to protect personal privacy. Maintain respect for the speaker as a good listener even at that time

10. Keep an eye out for speakers

Another way to be a good listener is to look for a speaker. However, this method is not applicable in all cases.

When you see the speaker telling you about a problem, you can look for it later to see if the problem is solved. However, do not bother to search again.

Here are some effective ways to be a good listener by following which you can improve your hearing skills and become a better listener.

Remember, being a good listener is a wonderful quality that everyone values. Also, keep in mind that no quality can be achieved in one day.

So gradually follow the ways to become a good listener, you will surely one day be able to win the hearts of everyone by becoming a good listener.