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7 Great Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

The benefits of fasting: Fasting in Ramadan makes a person stronger and more authentic in many ways. By fasting in the month of Ramadan, a Muslim can not only pave the way for his salvation in the Hereafter but also gain many qualities of living a successful life in this world.

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims in all parts of the world likely become one unit. To date, no sociologist or historian in the world has been able to show a single instance of a nation performing a religious ritual together for such a long time. The fact that all Muslims in the world are one nation, one family despite having different countries – is best seen in this month of Ramadan.

Fasting is an extraordinary means of taking one’s mental strength to a higher level as a human being and for the liberation of the soul.

In today’s Ramadan special, we will tell you about the seven great benefits of fasting.

7 Great Benefits of Fasting

01. Strengthen the character

Fasting is a great way to strengthen one’s moral character. Through fasting, self-control is practiced, the heart can be purified, loyalty to the Creator increases, and love for the Creator and creation grows in the mind.

Interestingly, in almost all religions there is a religious custom of not eating. But it has not been in any religion for a long time like the fast of Islam. And at the same time, fasting in Islam does not just mean not eating. Fasting is to refrain from all kinds of worldly entertainment, and from any kind of bad deeds at any cost.

If one can keep it properly for a long month – then he will become a better and better person. Because it will become part of his habit.

02. Self-review

Ramadan is a good time to think about your position. At this time the mind of the fasting person is in a very soft state. And if he thinks about the good and bad things in his life during this time – he will have a good idea of ​​where his life is going. And by applying this idea, he will be able to re-arrange his life.

In normal times we often think about life, but not all the time it gives us the right perception. If a person thinks deeply while fasting about how he is really living, what he is doing for himself and others, whether he is walking in the path of true justice – then a new realization will be born in him. As a result, he will be able to rearrange his life.

03. Increases compassion in the mind

A big aspect of fasting is that the rich and the poor – all Muslims spend their days in almost the same situation at this time. With or without food – a person does not touch food or water on a daily basis.

Even a person born rich in this condition can experience the pain of deprivation. When he thinks of needy people while he is fasting – then he can really realize – what is lacking. Understand the pain of those who do not eat properly. This creates empathy and compassion in people’s minds. Because, when you can feel the pain of others yourself – then you can be completely sympathetic. And as a result, there is a tendency among people to selflessly benefit others and to express gratitude for what God has given them.

The beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “This month (Ramadan) is the month of being close to the poor, the sick, and the helpless and sharing their sorrows. This month, the food and livelihood of the believing Muslims increase, and they receive mercy. ”

Ramadan is an ideal time for equality between the rich and the poor and for the establishment of compassion and love in society.

04. Purifies thoughts

By fasting, a Muslim becomes more aware of his Creator. At this time people have more fear of God and obedience to Him than at any other time. At this time any absurd thought comes to mind but a fasting person removes it immediately.

Man avoids all kinds of wickedness and suffering by exercising his will and faith in the Creator. A true fasting person is far from harming others and cannot even think of harming them. Because whenever such a thought comes to his mind, he remembers that he is fasting, and his Creator is watching him all the time. As soon as these thoughts come to mind, people throw all kinds of bad thoughts out of their heads.

If this practice is practiced for a long time, a Muslim will refrain from bad thoughts even at such times except during Ramadan. Because after practicing it for a month, it will become his habit. But in order to make it a habit, one has to fast in the true sense. I just didn’t eat, and I didn’t do any other kind of abstinence – it’s not true fasting. Anyone who observes true fasting will become a more pure person.

05. Increases focus on productive work

During Ramadan, people spend most of their time away from unnecessary activities like chatting, talking too much, watching programs on TV, watching movies, listening to music – etc. During this time, people worship Nafl as well as read the Qur’an and Islamic books, listen to the recitation of the Qur’an, constructive discussions on Islamic issues – etc.

At the same time, day laborers focus on donating to others, benefiting people – and trying to do good instead of wasting time on cheap entertainment and unnecessary work. In any case, it is a big issue for success.

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06. Makes it easier to get a healthy body

Many scientific studies have shown that fasting has many benefits for physical and mental health. The length, timing, and procedure of fasting have a great positive effect on health. Studies have shown that people’s digestive energy needs rest from time to time. Not taking food for a certain period of time can destroy the toxins that accumulate in the body throughout the year due to the digestive process.

The length of the fasting about 12-15 hours is actually from taking food in the mouth to matching the food to be fully processed in the body! In other words, if you do not eat this time, there is no possibility of any physical harm.

Instead, proper one-month fasting removes excess body fatreduces heart complications, increases sleep depth, smoothes skin, improves memory, and increases body endurance.

07. Realizing the ultimate truth of life will make you a better person

If you do the deeds of the month of Ramadan properly, you will become more aware of the Hereafter. The ultimate truth of life – remember the matter of death better. As a result, you will be inspired to live a better and more meaningful life on earth.

Try to be a better and honest person all the time. Which will make your worldly life and the hereafter successful. You can live like a real person. Because the thought of death actually inspires people to live life in the right way.


In a word, fasting properly in Ramadan will take your life to a better place in all aspects. If one practices the things of Ramadan even after the end of Ramadan – his life will change drastically. May Allah grant us all the grace to observe the rituals of Ramadan properly and apply its teachings in life.

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