A similar consortium of major manga publishers has created the “J-Manga” site to combat online piracy and create a legitimate online manga hub. Given J-Manga’s perceived failure to achieve its goals, how do you plan to avoid a similar fate for Daisuki?


Nobody knows what the future holds. But we’re optimistic (and hopefully!) That if users have a choice between illegal or legal content and the terms are the same, they will choose the legal content. To achieve this, we must make our service attractive. For example, will offer the broadcast for free and we are also planning for HD quality.

Moreover, we attach great importance to direct communication with fans around the world. We realized that it was not enough to just “send” content from Japan without knowing what foreign fans liked and wanted. Therefore, we want to communicate with local fans from different regions of the world to create an exchange and finally create an exchange between foreign fans and Japanese creators. Foreign fans can have the opportunity to express their comments to the production companies directly.

In addition, plans to actively participate in outdoor anime conferences around the world to reach local fans.

Are there plans to include other anime studios, such as Bones, Studio Pierrot, Kyoto Animation, etc. (Or your productions) on the site?

We are planning to add titles from other companies and studios as well, so we won’t be left alone with our shareholders (although we can’t talk about specific titles yet).

How do you plan to handle compliance with the animation related products that will be featured on the site? Would you have a warehouse operation here in North America? What kind of animation related merchandise are you planning to offer? will be shipped worldwide. We are working on the process for it. The online store will present the original goods; Some of them, which were created in cooperation with production companies, may only be available on the store.

Could you explain the meaning of the word “daisuke” to Americans with language difficulties?

The word “daisuke” is a Japanese word meaning “adorable,” “like” or “really love.” We hope that many more Japanese “Daisuke” people from all over the world through our service / website!

When are you planning to launch Daisuke? Do you have plans to expand it outside the web to mobile phones and tablets?

The first release is scheduled for this spring. In the future, we want to expand our service, p. For example with smartphone apps, tablets or game consoles.

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