Bluetooth Actions

In the US, Bluetooth has absolutely no

respect. However, it is becoming more and more

common in laptops, PDAs and especially cell phones

The phones. Bluetooth will provide wireless users

way of transmitting small amounts of data in short


Techno Grips

Now, Bluetooth faces stiff competition from

new wireless technology. Known as UWB or

Ultra wide band, promises data transfer up to

at 480 MB per second, while most Bluetooth devices

devices transfer data up to 721KB per second.

At the moment, definitely Bluetooth devices

appearing. Next, we will look at some of

accessories offered with Bluetooth technology.

Speaking to the council

When paired with a mobile phone, the CCM Blue

The Warrior Car Kit turns into a great speaker

Connects to the vehicle’s power adapter. the

The noise canceling microphone will reduce the background

noise efficiently, with the big buttons they make

adjust the speaker volume in an instant. Although

the blue warrior is anything but sexy or elegant, it is

very practical.

Small tuning box

Part MP3 player and part hands-free phone, the

The compact and lightweight Sony HBM-30 is an attractive one

gadget that allows you to accept calls with a minimum

interruption of their melodies. When you get a ticket

the call will automatically pause your music, then

speak into the built-in microphone that

It can be worn around the neck or attached to clothing.

The pen

With the Nokia SU-1B stylus you can scribble and

take notes written by hand in ink on a special pad

then transmit them from the pad to Bluetooth

phone. Be an alternative to typing in a cell

phone keypad, the stylus is very useful though

expensive tool for MMS fans.


If you want to create presentations with your camera

photos, the Nokia SU-2 Image Viewer will let you

view images on a TV or projector. Simply

plug this gray square device into the input of your TV

with the built-in cable, then transmit the images

to the SU-2 from the Bluetooth phone e

the photo festival will begin.

However, this device is very easy to set up and use

displays resolutions up to 640 by 480. Yes

you have a newer high resolution phone

photo, you will not be able to use the Nokia SU-2

Image viewer.

Note that the photos are 640 x 480 pixels

they appear stuck on television screens no matter what

do. If your phone can send batches of photos,

you can create a presentation, even if Nokia claims

You can also use sequential beam shots.

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