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Cyberbullying Is on The Rise Along with Increasing Internet Usage

The social picture is changing as time goes by. Increasing technology dependence. Harassment is as much a benefit as it is a benefit. That harassment is turning into a crime called cyberbullying. Bullying means saying something unpleasant or bad language to someone. And cyberbullying is about making unpleasant things happen to someone through the internet. Which is making the use of technology unsafe.


From September 5 to October 10 last year, 17,703 complaints were lodged on the Facebook page of the Cyber ​​Police Center. And most of the victims of cyberbullying are teenagers. It would be wrong to say that most of the victims of cyberbullying are now women.

Eighty percent of the victims of cyberbullying and crime in the country are women between the ages of 14 and 22. On the other hand, the statistics of the Cyber ​​Security and Crime Division of the police have revealed that a significant number of cybercriminals and hackers are 17-18-year-olds.

It is seen that most of the incidents are happening due to personal resentment. Religious, social, love-related problems, these crimes are also happening out of suspicion. Last year, a girl named Molly (pseudonym) was the victim of cyberbullying. Adding unpleasant captions to a normal photo via Facebook makes the photo viral. The girl has to be the victim of harassment through this. And are posted on suspicion of conversion. After making a GD at the police station, the girl has to turn off the ID. There are also many things that happen every day, which is enough to make a person mentally weak and frightened.

Another incident is happening on Facebook lately. Hacking the ID through the link and sending bad posts and messages from the victim’s ID. In the end, it reached blackmail. In this case, hackers often demand cash. So if something like that is sent to your personal email inbox, you must avoid it.

There have been many cases of secret pictures/videos/information going viral due to aggression as the lover got married in another place after separation in love. All of this has an effect on a family. Many people commit suicide because they cannot bear these things.

According to a recent UNICEF survey, 38 percent of cyberbullies are between the ages of 10-13, 36 percent are 14-15 years old and 25 percent are 16-17 years old.

Corona has increased the number of online and Internet users. And with that, cybercrime has increased exponentially. In order not to have to face such incidents, one must be aware of oneself. If ever someone wears in such a situation as to do;

Do not lose self-confidence, do not blame yourself for all this.

Don’t retaliate against those who put you in that situation. It can be the opposite of white.

Keep all instances of cyberbullying as proof immediately.

In such a situation, all the family members of the victim of cyberbullying should be by the side of the victim at that time. In no way can he be blamed then. It will break more emotionally. In the end, it can also take the form of a life crisis.

Above all, you must make yourself more aware of the use of other sites on the Internet, including Facebook.

It would be foolish to go alone to make a GD in these matters. Because then the matter is not given so much importance. The family member must be taken along.

And yes, it is wise not to share your personal information with anyone on the Internet.

Children are also being victimized

According to a survey, people who play games on the Internet are more likely to be victims of cyberbullying than ordinary browsers. Not only that, the more offensive comments children have had to make on social platforms, the more they are abusive, racist, and sexual. These happen from superstition. All this has to be attacked from the ignorant behavior of the children. These are special reasons for children.

Everyone needs to have an institutional idea about cyberbullying. You have to be aware of yourself, you have to be aware of others. At the same time, we have to move forward at the risk of others. Remember, one right action can save you one or more innocent lives in the moment of need.