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How To Make Money Online For Beginners – Top 40 Profitable Ways

Hi! Today I will talk about the 40 best and proven ways to make money online Internet in 2022. There will be two ways without investments and so with them. All methods have a different approach and income. But they all work

Many people think that you need to be known or have sophisticated tools in order to make money online. Things are a little different here. Income depends on the amount of benefits we bring to the world. If you work 8-10 hours in an area and do not develop, do not ask yourself why you earn so little.

Make Money Online

But if you do what you love and make a small statement about yourself, then there will never be problems with money. So I wrote this unusual article, where you can choose a way to earn income and relax a little.

In the meantime, I will tell you about 40 related ways and 22+ sites to make money online in 2022. All the details are given below.

Can beginners make money online?Can beginners make money online?

For starters, making money online is quite real. The main thing is to choose the right method and put it into practice, because 10% of those who enter this field earn money, and the rest merge as quickly as possible. The novice user should simply start his journey with simple profit methods.

Even if you go to a freelance exchange, you can take on the first projects. In a few hours, it is really possible to earn 50-70 dollars without skills.

Earning some regular money online is totally real. Amounts vary here – you can earn at least $2,000, or at least $10,000. Again, it depends on the method and the amount of benefits we provide to our internet users.

Let’s attach screenshots of earnings from different sources.

I myself am a landing page web designer and ad creator by profession, and at the beginning of my journey I didn’t earn much.1. “Earnings on Yandex.Toloka”How much money brings: from 5 to 150 $ per day, depends on the rank and the cost of the task.

Earnings on Yandex.Toloka

Format of earnings: after registering on the project, you fill in personal data as in the passport (for withdrawal). Then you complete tasks and fill the rating. In 2-3 weeks, it is realistic to reach an income of 5-7 dollars a day.

Let’s move on to the 2nd way to receive money via the Internet – performing lungs in Yandex.Toloka. Follow the link and register an account how to perform. Fill in the first name, last name, year of birth, country and city of residence and click

Then we get access to the initial tasks. They are in the nature of training, for them you will receive cents, but you will get the first experience. What are the tasks? For example, you will be asked to compare 2 images and mark the one that depicts inappropriate content for users.

Or help the Yandex robot determine the quality of a product, picture, website, etc. There are also field tasks in which you should take a picture of an object, the name of a store or a shelf with products, etc.

General Tips:

decides the rating, so you need to try to do the tasks well;don’t make mistakes;take on expensive tasks: establishment information report;simple tasks: Comparison, Content check;Money is withdrawn to payments: Yandex Money (Yoomoney), mobile phone and others. The minimum payout is only 10 cents. The project is suitable for beginners, so we participate in it and earn.2. “Earn by entering a verification capatcha”How much money does it bring: You will earn 0.5-1$ per hour by entering a captcha.

Earn by entering a verification capatcha

Profit format: After registration, you begin to enter the code from the image in a special field. Then the system compares your score with the score entered and you are paid for the correct entry.

The third way to get money on the Internet is to enter a captcha. The advantage of the method is that you do not need skills and knowledge to start the earning process. Why are you being paid through the project? You may have noticed that while driving Vkontakte and any social network, in most cases you enter a captcha. From such projects, it turns out that they can be solved, and the result is used.

Who is appropriate? Schoolchildren, grandmothers and all users who are not far from the world of online business. Now this method is almost unusable, but it still works today.

Best sites to make money by entering captcha

Rukapcha is an old but proven service for entering a captcha.2Captcha is another CAPTCHA solving service. The interface is one-to-one, like Rukapcha, but payment is made in dollars.Kolotibablo is a good website to make money with captcha recognition, and it has been in operation for more than 10 years (in the market since 2007). Known for good customer and staff reviews.CatCut is identical to the MoneyCaptcha project.

You can earn captcha by posting shortened links on forums, social networks, etc.1INK – Shorten your links, Get Bitcoin (Satoshi) – Withdraw to your BTC wallet.3. “Revenue for clicks (mails) and completion of tasks”How much money does he bring: working for 2-3 hours a day, it turns out $5-10 at most

Revenue for clicks (mails) and completion of tasks

Earnings form: completing tasks and clicking on paid messages + browsing sites. In some boxes, tasks and tasks related to social networks are available.

The fourth way to make money without knowledge and skills is clicks and completion of tasks from advertisers. How do you earn here? You register an account in the box (called a mail sender) and begin to act. There are 5 types of earnings at your disposal:

Browse the site. You click on sites and for a certain amount of time you spend on the advertiser’s site (10, 20 or 60 seconds).Complete tasks. Everything is simple here – you choose a task, complete it and get money. The cost and complexity of the tasks varies.Read messages. Read the text and answer the security question. You get 20 cents or more.referral program. Invite other users and get % of their earnings.

About 5 years ago I started my way of making money using hub funds. At that time, it was possible to make 30-40 dollars a month, and I had enough for the Internet and games. True, I left them as soon as I came, because I found another profitable way to get money from the Internet.

What now? Boxes have lost their relevance, but the method is suitable for schoolchildren. After all, money is more than enough to pay for the Internet or buy a game thing. I won’t go on cycles this way for much of the time, it’s better to try once than say 100 times.

I’m going to highlight the best squares for beginners:

Profit Task – Use promo code 1342600623e748ff294b to get $5. It can be withdrawn after earning $25 in simple tasks. It is realistic to earn from 15 to 100$ per day on this service with full employment. Dare!Socpublic is a trusted and proven site to make money online with amazing achievements and tasks up to $500. It has been operating since 2014 and today there are already more than 1 million registered users.Seosprint is a legendary mailbox with 2 million registered users.

There are 5,000 assignments at the time of writing and they are valued at $1000. The minimum payment is only 5 $. You can complete buildings, browse, and complete quests for a dollar.SEO-Fast is the second most popular project where you get paid for actions (clicks, tasks, social networks, video views, messages, etc.).

A large number of tasks makes the project attractive for beginners to earn money.Wmmail is long-lived bucks that have been paid since 2004. In it, you’ll find the same ways to earn money as in Seosprint.4. “Earn by completing surveys”How much money does it bring: $1-25 for completing a survey lasting from 5 to 40 minutes.

Earn by completing surveys

Earning format: completion of the questionnaire (you fill in the necessary data – gender, age, place of residence, place of work, financial situation, etc.).

4 method – earnings on the passage of surveys. The essence of the method is as simple as two fingers – you register an account, fill out a profile and start taking tests. To complete each of them, you get your hard-earned cash.

I notice that some surveys may not give more tests due to the fact that you don’t fit them in terms of your criteria. In this case, you need a package of services to make money in this area.

There are a lot of scammers who create such projects and attract other users. They need your personal data for their own purposes. Therefore, before the earning process, check out the projects by looking at their reviews and only then decide to make money there.

In 90% of cases, surveys are paid regularly. Your data that you fill out in surveys is not passed on to third parties and is used as statistics. Therefore, it will not be difficult for a beginner to earn the first money without deception from the project.

I recommend paying attention to the following questionnaires: – Earn money by taking surveys. The project lasted for more than 10 years, during which it gathered more than 900 thousand participants. The service has a great interface and fast registration.MyiYo is a paid project that operates all over the world. Differs in a large number of surveys and their prices. Fill out the survey after registration and you will receive paid surveys by email. It is important!Youthink is one of the popular surveys.

It has quite a few surveys to complete that get you paid. The average price for a first survey is $5-10. After registration, a bonus of $1 is calculated. Fill out the survey after registration and you will receive paid surveys by email. It is important!PlatnijOpros – the service conducts its surveys for the purpose of marketing research, upon registration you immediately give $1, and promises from 5 to 20 $ for surveys of 15-20 minutes.

It has been operating since 2009, with a minimum withdrawal of $30.Paid to read e-mail – a very interesting foreign project to earn money from surveys and more. After registration, each new user will get $3 as gift for your account.Rublklub – One of the pioneers in market research.

For registration in the project you get a reward of $ 15.BIG QUESTION – A great service for making money from surveys! In this project, questions are asked by the users themselves, while others answer them and receive a monetary reward.

At the same time, both questions and answers are paid to them. The minimum withdrawal is $5.5. “Earn by watching ads”How much money does it bring: 5-7 $ per month, subject to high activity in the browser and without participating in the referral program

Earn by watching ads

Earnings format: You register an account with the service and install the extension in the Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Fox. After that, an ad lasting from 10 to 60 seconds will appear, the project will pay you to view it.

5 way – display ads in the browser. The essence of the process is simple: after installing the browser extension, you will see ads from advertisers. The longer the ad runs, the more money will be added to your account. True, it is unlikely that you will be able to earn large amounts of money.

However, no one says that all the people here earn a little. I know a YouTuber who advertised his referral link to this Surferner site and invited about 50,000 people to it.

Within a month, he gets a net and passive income of between $1k and $3k. True, he worked for 2-3 years and during this time he participated in inviting referrals.

I note that services can also offer to perform tasks. I suggest trying to make money by showing ads in the browser:

CRYPTOTAB Browser – Try CryptoTab the world’s first mining browser. Earn cryptocurrency BTC while watching videos, chatting online and playing games online. So you can still mine NFT! And NFT can increase profits.

GLOBUS – 500 rubles for registration (to withdraw, you need to earn $ 50). Earnings on the application – fully automatic earnings without investment! Don’t miss your chance, the project has already been paying for the 5th year already, there is a 7-level referral system, there is a smart version for mobile phones.

SURFE.BE – Make money without any investment at all with Google Chromt, Yandex, Firefox or Opera extension. Earn by completing simple tasks: displaying ad banners, viewing advertisers’ sites, watching pay-per-time – passive earnings on your browser. Install the extension for your browser and continue to perform your tasks, getting passive income on the device!Alfarotator is an extension for Chrome.

This is a new cryptocurrency spinner, which has a different form of expansion. You install the extension on your computer and click on its icon – a list of faucets opens, select the desired faucet and work with it.

Here, in fact, all the tricks – the Satoshi that you win is displayed instantly on the multi-wallet FAUCET HUB.ADvProfit is constantly evolving and improving, stay tuned and don’t forget to update the extension if your browser doesn’t do it automatically.Surf EarnerBayad.6.

“Earning likes and comments in social networks”How much money does it bring: for performing simple actions, you get an average of 1-7 $ per day

Earning likes and comments in social networks

Earnings form: register an account and connect social networks. Then you perform and complete tasks: like group, subscribe to the community, write a comment, etc. To complete each mission.

6 way – likes and comments on social networks. They actually pay more than pivot funds. However, the tasks may not be enough to earn at least $10. Therefore, these services are used more to deceive subscribers and views in groups.

Again, you can earn good money here only with the affiliate program. You invite people and the service deducts % of their profits for you.

work sites

Cashbox – earnings on simple tasks.Vktarget – an excellent, time-tested service that works with social networks such as VKontakte, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. More than one and a half million users have already registered for the project!Prospero is an excellent and convenient service for promotion and earnings in social networks.

There is always a lot of work and tasks suitable for copywriters. Instant payments from 1 ruble – they arrive immediately!Qcomment is a service that you earn by writing comments and likes.7. “File Hosting Earnings”How much money does it bring: to download one file in Russia, the file sharing service pays an average of 3 to 7.

File Hosting Earnings

Earnings Format: Your job is to upload a file to a file hosting service and distribute the file as widely as possible over the Internet. You earn more money the more downloads you make.

7 way – use files to make money. Look, take any useful material (information from the book, cheats for games, exercises in a compressed format, etc.) and upload it to a file-sharing service.

Then you get your own unique referral link, which you need to distribute. And after every download you get money.

I have decided on the utility of the file but where can I distribute it?

Use forums. Create a topic on the forum, provide useful materials and earn. People love when they get some freebies (within reason, of course) and willingly download. Create accounts in multiple forums.The rule of social networking and you know it. For example, in VK there is a search for documents, no one bothers you to create a useful document with links + promote it correctly and get your profit.

You can create a group in VK or a YouTube channel with cheaters and give them access to the material to download the file. There are many options.Create your website and promote your link in the same way with social networks8.

“Money from reviews”How much money does it bring: for writing competent and popular reviews on the Internet, you can earn from 100 to 300 dollars a month

Money from reviews

Form of earnings: you write reviews about the use of goods and services on the Internet, and for publishing a review you receive an average of 3-7 $. It all depends on the topic and the quality of the text.

8 ways to make money online – write reviews. Every day we use the Services, Stores and Services. And we can make money from it.

To do this, you need to publish useful, competent and well-formed reviews about the use of a particular product. The popularity of a review depends on the quality of the text and its content (photos, videos, amount of content).

Why do you need reviews? The answer is simple: they encourage other users to use the product or service they have used. This is where the crowd effect comes into play – you bought it, keep in mind that others will definitely buy it.

They pay for publishing a review (on average 3 $) and the number of views. True, there is a problem with this – you have to write the most realistic posts in order to be popular.

What is required for a good and general overview?

Compiling a review. Make sure the images are of good quality and the text itself is not junk (make more paragraphs, check the text for errors and write more about the product and its benefits).Focus on yourself – feel how you used the product or service in real life.Never rush and write, write and write again.Promote reviews in the most accessible way.

All Reviews is a site where you can write reviews and earn rewards.

9- “Earning on writing texts”How much money it brings in: 200$ to 1,000$ or more per month. It all depends on the niche (specialty) in which you work and the number of clients.

Earning on writing texts

Profit Format: Find clients on offline exchanges or elsewhere and enter text. As a rule, clients submit Terms of Reference (TOR), which defines the test they need.

Earnings vary a lot – freelancers earn 5-8$ per 1000 characters, if you are a professional you can get $20-50 bar.

9Way – Earnings on writing scripts or writing scripts to order. The essence of the work is simple – you take an order on an independent exchange or other site and write the final script for clients.

If you choose this method, you should start writing texts at the lowest price, but not for free (after all, you value your time and experience, right?).

Now that the demand for scripting is greater than ever before, you have a chance to move up in the field of scripting. To do this, you stand on your own, albeit unsuccessful experience, write scripts for clients and constantly improve the quality of the presentation of the material.

In 1-2 years, you can become an experienced copywriter and earn consistently. That’s just how my friend works.

I will highlight the main points of this activity:

You are a beginner and need to create a portfolio. The more the better for you. The client looks at the quality of your work and the benefits you can bring to his business. remember this.I do not argue, there are unfriendly buyers who can sell their souls for $5. However, you will come across them and you will have to reject their offers. Everything will come with experience.Find your niche and make yourself special.

This is called personal branding. Start a blog on Instagram, VK or on any platform and write content with proportions – your experience (what you do, portfolio, reviews), content of your life (your life), news and stories from different areas of life. People are attracted to people, remember that.10. “Make money freelancing”How much it brings in money: from 20.00 to 130.00 dollars and more per month. You need a narrow specialization in order to earn more.

Make money freelancing

Profit format: Freelancing means fulfilling orders on a private platform or abroad (Telegram chats, bots, etc.). For example, at Kwork in video editing, you earn $50 for creating a 2-minute video. Isn’t that bad?

10 ways to make money – freelancing or working for yourself. The main advantage of this method is that you decide who you will work with, when and how much you want to earn. Think about the skills you have. Maybe this:

ProgrammingWebsite and banner designTelegram bot developmentnetwork developmentPrepare ads for businessCreation of a logoand other specialtiesNow, due to self-isolation, everyone rushed to the Internet to earn money. Freelancing was no exception, though there were gurus-specialists who do the work of poor quality. Therefore, the freelance market is not as stable as before. To start earning the first money for a beginner on the Internet, use my advice:

Register on multiple exchanges. This will give you more orders and the opportunity to receive more money.Build a portfolio. It’s hard to get an order without him now.

Start to be friends with clients – solve their problems, pains.

A person comes with a problem (for example, he wants a website for his business), but he cannot find an intelligent specialist. Therefore, you need to act, even if there is no portfolio, you must give the person a benefit.

This is the only way to get regular and satisfied customers, and your life changes for the better.

In general, it is realistic to create a flow of customers for your services. A bunch of Blog + Content = profit always works and will work.

11- “Profits from providing services on the Internet”How much money he brings: It all depends on the type of remote work. For example, an online school administrator earns $3,500 – $4,500 per month for maintaining 2-3 projects per month.

Profits from providing services on the Internet

Profits form: You provide an important service (simply doing good) to business owners and entrepreneurs. For example, a full-time programmer or interface designer for a young company.

The amount of earnings depends on your skills and your position in the career ladder. For example, a junior (beginner) or intermediate (intermediate) developer in the field of website creation, design earns different amounts.

11 ways to make money – working remotely. In this case, you will certainly have the skills and will have at least a full-fledged portfolio in one of the areas of the Internet: copywriting (texts for company sites, entrepreneurs, email newsletters, etc.), programming (writing distributors, bots), working with API, create web applications etc.), design (you can create web design for websites, graphic design – logos, branding models, etc.) and others.

As a rule, you work in a team or as a remote specialist if a condition exists. Payment for work performed and its payment terms are discussed in an interview with the Human Resources Manager.

Remote work is a rather time-consuming and cumbersome way to make money on the Internet. why? Because the business is going on with the company and you will have to put in enough effort to get your position in the company.

12. “Make Money on Android / iOS Apps”How much money does it bring: 30-50 dollars, subject to the availability of tasks.

Make Money on Android / iOS Apps

Earnings Form: You can download the earnings platform on your smartphone. Then you fill in your profile, maintain and start installing applications on your mobile device.

The tasks vary: you can either download apps and get paid, or you can log in daily and get a penny for a visit.

12 Ways to Make Money – Install an App on Android/Ios Platforms. The essence of the method is as old as the world: we complete the tasks from the advertisers. The main types of tasks: download the application, visit applications on time (1, 3 and 7 days), leave a review in the Google Play Market or be active in the application itself.

The pay per procedure is very low. On average, they pay from 2 to 7 dollar per installation, depending on the conditions for compliance with the rules of advertisers. Beginners should try this method, but it shouldn’t stay long.

By tradition, I will highlight the 3 best services for making money from installing mobile applications:

AppCent is the #1 mobile earnings service. For completing tasks, they pay rewards, and then these rewards are exchanged for dollars and withdrawn to the wallet.AppbonusAppCoins13- “Paid Consultations”How Much Money Does It Bring: From $2000 to $7000 per month, a lot will depend on your experience, knowledge, expertise, personal brand and service packaging.

Paid Consultations

Earning form: You have working knowledge in any field and solve people’s problems for a certain period of time and benefit. Payment for consulting varies and depends on the specialty and interest.

13 Methods – Consulting or paid counseling for clients. The main task is to solve a person’s problems or provide advantages that will help him in some areas (accounting, marketing, psychology, business, earnings, economics, and others).

However, you have to have working knowledge, people have to see that you are an expert in practice, showing your cases (your file), reviews, failures in business and a bit of life. Then the sale of services will be a pleasure, and not just profits.

Easy to find consultant clients. Another question is what benefit it brings to the world. For example, a person has a higher education in some field and is an expert in it. There should be no doctors, engineers and psychologists.

A person chooses a platform for submitting a blog – it does not matter Instagram, website or Yandex Zen. The task is to pack your knowledge and experience so that it is clear to any stranger where he has come. Next we write the content for the target audience. To promote it, we use targeted ads, ads from bloggers, etc.

Over time, blog content converts subscribers into customers. You have always worked and will continue to do so. why? The content is useful, the person grows.

This is an example of long-term consulting. However, no one interferes with freelancing, selling small reviews of projects, telling how and what to prepare, etc.

14. “Channel on YouTube”How much money does it bring: 7000 – 30000 dollars and more. The main metrics for making money are subscribers, video views, and subscriber activity.

Channel on YouTube

Earnings form: You can create a YouTube channel, do editing and voice acting, improve the video and get the first views.

In 1-2 years, you can raise the number of subscribers to the channel to 10,000 – 20,000. Types of earnings: Native ads from the media network (Adsense), sale of ads in the video itself, promotion of your affiliate links, etc.

To start making money on YouTube, you need to identify a niche, ways to create optimal content, and a strategy. Among the most popular niches are:

car themecookingRelationsSelf development and motivationVoiceover of content in EnglishFitnessPolicyNewsHighly specialized niches (home construction, etc.)

Again, you need to create content. When choosing an entertainment format, you need to make the content as simple as possible so that it aligns with recommendations (crack jokes, videos) and gets a range of views.

To voice the material from the bourgeoisie, you can buy a good microphone and master the video editing program (gluing moments, overlaying background music, etc.).

Becoming a real blogger means working every day on your channel. Many YouTubers have climbed from the bottom, because of the consistency. Not everyone will be able to develop a project that does not bring money. However, it is always possible to achieve great success and earnings on YouTube.

If you don’t want to show your face, you can create simple affiliate channels. What is this?

This channel consists of a bundle of videos (100-200 videos), in each video there are free services, sets of tools, books are shown, and below the video there is an affiliate link. Someone follows him, buys a product, and we get the percentage of the sale.

15. “Make Money on Pictures”How much money brings: from 100 to 1000 dollars per month.

Make Money on Pictures

Earning Format: You can take photos with your camera and post successful photos to stock photos. There you can earn money by downloading your photos by other users.

This method is more suitable for professional photographers, because they know exactly how to take a good photo and get popularity for their work.

But beginners should try, because there is nothing difficult to create a good shot (after more attempts you will succeed) and for this you will get, if not millions, a penny in your pocket.

Image bank resources:PhotobanksDepositphotos is a Russian-language photo bank. There is a reward system for authors.Shutterstock is a popular image bank that pays to download and view images. At first they paid 25 cents to download once, then 33 cents.Fotolia – In this photobank you receive part of the income from the system.Dreamstime is an English language stock photo.

16. “Profit Streams”How much money does he bring: from 1000 to 20000 dollars per month, it all depends on the number of donations and the popularity of the operator.

Earnings Format: Play games, watch movies or complete quizzes (challenges). As for the activity during the broadcast, we can be thanked with a donation or a paid subscription to the channel. Your job is to give sentiment to the audience, if you can do that, there will be a lot of income.

Another way to monetize is to display paid ads.

The 17th way to make money is to create streams on sites and receive donations from users or a paid subscription to the channel. True, when you start this path, you will encounter a lot of problems (working with audio, video, the idea of ​​​​streaming). And so he really progressed and she became famous.

Twitch is a streaming platform that has enough useful functions for a streaming device.YouTube – YouTube has the ability to stream and receive donations.GoodGame is a game streaming platform.

17. “Affiliate Program Earnings”How much money does he bring in: 1000 to 30000 dollars per month.

Earnings format: find any affiliate program in Yandex search, start sharing, get a link. You can distribute this link by any means. And when someone performs a target action (buy, sign up, sign up, deposit into the account) you get the percentage.

17 ways to generate income through the Internet – affiliate programs. What is this?

The affiliate program is a private agreement between the seller (companies, sites that provide services, training courses, that is, those who provide goods and services) and the partner.

The partner promotes the same goods and services of the seller, and gives the latter a percentage of the sale or profit made.

How can you earn in the referral program? You register with the selected seller, for example, there is a list of good affiliate programs on the Partnerkin website, choose an offer (what you are promoting) and get a special link. It must be promoted in order to receive your money for actions taken.

Promotion methods:

social networks. Everything is simple here: you create a channel, group, community and promote it. When there is good activity, you can leave your affiliate programs in the content. It is better to strengthen the partners that are related to the topic of the promoted resource.

This is how you earn more :)Advertising on the Internet. Promote offers through contextual and targeted banner ads. This is basically traffic balancing, where we dig in ads and get a good percentage on top.Optimizing search engines and websites. Promote affiliate programs through the created site. True, you will have to experiment with the content, and then bring the articles to the top, and only after that you will begin to receive some kind of discount.

Depending on the affiliate programs, it is worth choosing a method of promotion. As for black (illegal) affiliate programs in the form of betting and casinos, you need to think 100 times whether such an affiliate program is suitable for me, because it is difficult to promote.

18. “Make money on your site”How much money it brings in: $3,000 to $60,000 per month. Earnings depend on the popularity of the site + the niche in which it operates + the type of monetization.

Profit format: you can choose the right niche for the project, create a website on the right platform, write content and optimize it for search engines (without fanaticism) and get traffic that you can monetize and make a profit in affiliate programs or consulting.

The next way to make money on the Internet is to create a website or blog. Who is suitable? Beginners, experienced users and especially experts. Let’s talk about ideas in more detail.

For beginners who do not have experience in developing sites and writing content, I hasten to please – that it is worth thinking about creating a project right now. So what to do:

Make sure you specify the niche you will be working in. For example, computers, fitness, gadgets, technology, social media, etc. It is worth thinking carefully, as promotion and profit will depend on it.Think about the content of the site and create headlines. Write down on a piece of paper all the ideas related to the field in which you understand a little.

Start creating a website. For novice users, the WordPress CMS is suitable, it is easy to install and configure the first site.Write the content.Content optimization for Yandex and Google search queries.Develop your social networks.Within 1-2 years, good and high-quality traffic will pass.Now you can associate affiliate programs with your blog and earn good amounts.

You must be intimidated looking at this list. In fact, it is more difficult to generate traffic than to write the content itself.

For experts, everything is the same, although you will have to clearly define the area in which they work. You can also create landing pages (a page for the sale of services and goods on the Internet) and promote with advertising from Yandex and Google.

Ways to make money on your site:

Ad blocks from Yandex and GooglePartnership ProgramsSelling servicespush notificationsGather a subscriber base and promote ally’s offers through itAuto funnels (when we sell goods or services through a series of useful content)Gamification (game mechanics in articles, goal is to promote affiliate programs)Sell ​​ads and linksGuest posts from other sitesStorytelling – we write articles with a twisted plot to earn money from affiliate programs19. “Earnings on Tiktok”How much money does it bring: from 1000 to 20000 dollars a month and more. The more popular a person is, the higher their earnings

Revenue format: You can create content in a desirable region, increase subscribers and views, and then earn money: on brand advertising, affiliate programs, donations on streams or by selling your services.

There are people on TikTok who are earning huge amounts of money due to the large number of subscribers. How do they do it?

advertising of other people’s profiles;monetization of live broadcasts with gifts;cooperation with brands;sell your goods or services;Affiliate profits.

This method is suitable for both content creators and experts to promote their services. The audience is diverse enough for everyone.

20. “Yandex.Zen”How much money does it bring: from 10 to 10000 dollars a day and more. Earning on this service depends on the amount of reading the publication of the article + the activity of readers in the article.

Profit format: you create content and Yandex.Zen reader recommends it to your service. The main method of monetization is advertising ad units by content from Yandex. On average, you get 5-20 dollars for every 1000 readings of the article.

20 Ways – Writing Zain Blog Articles. Yandex Zen is a recommendations platform for articles and videos. AI makes choices for users according to their hobbies (hobbies, politics, economics, history, economics and finance, education, author and artist blogs, etc.).

When writing and designing content, Zen will recommend it to users, and if the material is read, liked and commented on, the article will get more and more views.

The amount of earnings depends on the number of reads, views and reader activity. Some authors manage to earn $100.00-200.00 per month on simple content. The best that comes are the topics related to life: political life, economy, summer houses and gardens, shops, etc.

Basic rules for making big money on Yandex.Zen:

Write simply, without complicated turns and long paragraphs.Interactive use: photos, videos, tasks, polls, etc.Watch your competitors and take something from them and apply it to your channel.We work without copying material from other sources (our content only).Translate content from other languages ​​and use it on the channel.21. “Pulse from Mile RU”How much money does he bring in: from 100 to 500 dollars per week.

Earnings Format: An analogue of Zen, where we write articles and the platform promotes them in their system. The amount of money received depends on the readings and views of the material. In general, they pay more than they pay on Zen.

Pulse from Mail Ru is an analogue of Yandex.Zen. The authors claim good service quality. Here, unlike Zen, it is necessary to write according to the rules (for example, you can not use yellow press, clickbait, etc.). To get into the project, you need to get an invite link from existing bloggers.

22. “Boost or pumping in games”How much brings money: $300-400 per month.

Earning format: you help other people in leveling up game accounts – you increase ranks, increase the number of trophies, get resources, etc. Earnings depend on the amount of work done and the value that you give.

22 way to earn income – help in boosting accounts in games. If you are a fan of the game and understand well how they play here, then you can sell this skill. As a rule, there is a great demand for pumping game items, trophies or rare items in such games:

CS:GO;WOT;Dota 2;Clash of Clans;brawl stars;

All that needs to be done is to form your offer and distribute it on game forums, sites where items are bought and sold (if possible) or create a group on social networks.

Your offer is formed from the description of the service, the scope of work and the price for it + screenshots of your work with reviews.

24. “Earn on Airdrop”How much money you bring in: Depends on the project that distributes the cryptocurrency. There are no more than 2-3 good projects. As a result, it turns out to make 200-300 dollars without investments.

Earnings format: Find and complete the airdrop: fill in the data (email, wallet to receive cryptocurrency Ethereum) and show social activity (subscribe to groups, write comments and articles, etc.).

After the airdrop ends, the project will push coins to an Ethereum wallet or other platform.

With a successful launch, you can exchange coins for dollars or euros.

Earnings on Airdrop for beginners is difficult, but it can bring income. Airdrop is the process of increasing the social activity of the platform by giving free coins to the users.

Every project wants to be wanted and popular, so they thank their users for a fee using cryptocurrency.

I’ve been in the crypto space since 2014 and missed a million dollar opportunity along the way. In 2015, they distributed tokens of the Ethereum project (ethereum) in the amount of 2,000 blocks.

Now it’s worth $6,000,000, though some users didn’t sell it and thus secured a good future. True, this is luck, it is impossible to predict which project will be launched.

What do I have? Airdrops are a thing of the past, but I made some money. On the first screen, it showed that I exchanged 2000 ball tokens for $120 with kopecks on Ethereum on a private exchange.

The Ethereum tokens were then exchanged for dollars and withdrawn to YooMoney (formerly

I have an account with 5000 dollars on board, though I forgot the password to my wallet. Therefore, when working with cryptocurrency, we do not forget about the protection and security of the wallet.

25. “Your online store”Necessary investments: you need to find your niche (what we sell), analyze future buyers, find the amount to launch the store and purchase goods (3000 – 50,000 dollars). I’m talking about advertising.

Income format: we create and set up an online store, purchase goods from a supplier at a low cost and start selling goods. You can promote using the following methods: SEO, contextual advertising, targeting.To make money on the sale of goods through an online store, it is important to correctly determine the priorities and amount of investments. The process itself consists of steps.

Niche definition.Site creation.Purchase of goods.Promotion.Profit.Scaling.

It is recommended to create a small team, because one person is not able to understand all areas of website development, advertising or product purchases. You will have to pay a pretty good amount of money, but there will be quality and confidence that everything works.

Where to find performers? On the same freelance, or specialized forums, or from private specialists.

Now it’s easier to create a store directly on Instagram. What does it give? First, ease of installation. You will have to try on the design of the store (writing posts with product photos, reviews in the story and price list, contacts in the header, etc.) and promotion.

It will be much easier to advance due to the target. Already in the evening you will collect the first store with goods or services.

How much earnings bring: from 5000 $ to 100,000 $ and more.

26. “Traffic arbitrage for affiliate programs”Necessary investments: first, we define an offer in the affiliate program where we will promote (SEO, contextual or targeted advertising, banner teasers, advertising with bloggers or auto funnels).

Then we drive (promote) traffic to the offer and get our profit.

Arbitration costs from 0 to 100,000 $.

Income format: depending on the type of arbitrage (without investments or with them), we receive both partner sales or a fixed rate from the offer.Traffic arbitrage is earnings on purchased traffic. The concept is as old as the world: we buy traffic cheaper and sell it at a favorable price for us. All arbitration is divided into 3 important stages:

Defining and connecting an offer in an affiliate programChoosing a place to promote the offerLaunching traffic and scaling

Traffic sources include everything where there is movement on the Internet: free methods (SEO, content blogs and websites, mailings in chat bots, etc.), paid methods (all advertising on the Internet (Yandex, Google), targeted advertising on social networks, banner advertisements and teasers, push notifications, etc.).

For example, in the photo above you will see another case from an arbitrator. What did he do? He connected to a product offer in an affiliate program and chose promotion through Tik-Tok advertising.

He spent 5000 $ and earned 30000 $ on top. Of course it’s work. It takes years of practice and a pinch of luck to get such a wow result, because you can catch a good drain.

27. “Profits on billboards”Necessary investments: buy the necessary goods from the supplier, place a set of advertisements using the program, and only then receive and process orders. You give the goods to the buyer, and you get a profit with an additional fee.

Spending on billboards from 10,000 to 100,000 dollars and more.

Income form: You get to sell merchandise with a margin.

Billboards are famous in the world. To earn money from it, it is enough to sell the goods that are needed in the city. You will have to determine the demand for the product, the amount of investment, and spend a lot of time promoting. What is required for this?a

Pick a seasonal itemchecked Purchase itchecked Post adschecked Process requestschecked Get your profit

How much do you bring in profits: from 5,000 $ to 20,000 $ and more.

28. DropshippingNecessary investments: Your task is to conclude an agreement with a supplier of goods at a wholesale price. Then you can create a store (on WordPress, Instagram and other social networks) and place product cards.

After promoting the site, the buyer fills out an order for the purchase of goods and his data must be immediately transferred to the supplier.

The supplier sends the goods to the customer, and you make a profit.

We invest our efforts in finding a supplier and searching for an investment amount from 1,000 to 100,000 dollars and more.

Income format: wholesale items in an online store with a % sign.Dropshipping is a business model of goods in which you enter into an agreement with a supplier of goods and perform all the logistics of sales turnover (purchasing, shipping to the consumer).

When a product is purchased from you on a landing page or online store, buyers’ data is sent to suppliers, and they are involved in packaging and shipping the product to the final consumer.

You pay the supplier immediately for all wholesale merchandise purchased, or he immediately takes the price of the product from the buyer and pays a commission. Everything is positive.

How much do you bring in profits: from $ 5,000 to $ 100,000 and more.

29. “Buy and sell a website”Required investments: Choose the right location and price for the location. It is important that the site has traffic and the return is in the range of 12-24 months.

You buy a website, you start writing content or you delegate this process. The more you can attract traffic from search engines, the more profit you will earn from affiliate programs or site sale.

Investments in purchasing a site can vary – from 1,000 to 1,000,000 dollars.

Income form: reselling the site with a margin, earnings from affiliate programs.

Buying a site and selling expensive? Not a problem. On the Telderi platform, it is really possible to buy and run a profitable project, monetizing it through affiliate programs or contextual advertising. You will always have time to sell the site, although I recommend increasing traffic, taking money from the niche and only then selling it.

How much do you bring in profits: from $ 5,000 to $ 100,000 and more. Passive income is possible.

30. Cashback ProfitNecessary investments: Choose a cashback platform and get a link to the store where we will buy a product or service. Then we buy what we need from the online store.

After suspension (time delay) within 7-30 days, part of the funds from purchases will return to the service balance, where you can withdraw normally.

You need to spend money on the purchase of goods or services from 100 to 5000 dollars and more.

Income Format: Get % of the purchase of a product or service in an online store.

It is unlikely that you will be able to earn money from cashback, it is more like a discount on the product, which will be returned to the account of the cashback service. A convenient way as savings on monthly purchases.

How much do you earn: $100 to $1,500 per month. You receive part of the money from purchases in online services. The more you buy, the more you earn.

31. “Telegram”Necessary investments: to make money by telegrams, you need to select a certain niche, start writing content, promote the channel and generate income in various ways. Promotion of the channel is the main task of the author, so you need to buy ads on other channels on special exchanges.

Advertising investment from 100$ to 50,000$ The price for a subscriber in the areas of finance, cryptocurrency and marketing sometimes reaches 5-15 dollars.

Income form: advertising, promotion of affiliate programs, launch for bloggers.Telegram is a good place to make money. The main way is to create a channel and participate in writing content. You can go further: by purchasing ads from other channels on related topics, stream traffic from tik tok or instagram (if your audience exists).

About launches. The work begins according to the principle: you have written content for an expert, at the end of the day you collect an audience from advertising to a webinar and sell either a course or services there.

This method brings excellent ROI: when you spend on ads from 1,000$ you will earn 6000$ – 9000$ from launching on Telegram.

After completing the work, you get your share of the expert’s income. It turns out an average of 5000-7000$ per month from 2 or 3 clients.

How much do you bring in profits: from 5,000 to 15,000 dollars per month.

32. “Instagram”Necessary investments: we choose the method of earning income through Instagram and begin to act on the choice: our audience, blogging, expert selling of services, media business.

To upgrade, we need to find $500 to $10,000 target advertising on Instagram.

Income Model: Advertising Sales and Affiliate Promotion.

Earn on Instagram with investments through different ways and methods of work:


The simplest thing is your audience. We create an account, design and fill it with useful content. We buy ads from other bloggers or promote through Instagram Target.The main channel metrics are the number of subscribers and activity within posts. When you gain subscribers (their number depends on the niche), advertisers will come and start buying ad space.

your blog

Do you like something? Why not use your pastime as a means of income? You will be able to write useful content on the blog and share tips in stories with subscribers.So you will have an audience that will be happy to buy goods or services. It is also possible to raise the profile of a personal brand and receive advertising from it. So make up your mind 🙂

Selling services

Promoting your freelance business on Instagram is a great story! Here you can show your experience (your business, customer reviews, prices for services, etc.) and start selling without selling services and goods. It’s cool, because few people do that.

How much do you earn: $3,000 to $75,000 per month.

33. Automated Sales FunnelInvestment Required: Sales funnels are a complex topic, but there is a lot of money involved. This method is not suitable for beginners, but if you are an expert in some field, you can set up customer flow for services with a good check.

More suitable for experts and trainers. Selling courses through automatic funnels is easier than selling them directly. Therefore, the income is significant.

To create an automatic funnel, more money is spent on content (copywriters, photographers, videographers, designers, marketers). The average cost to create an automatic funnel is $30,000.

Income form: Selling services and courses for big checks.

Automated conversion paths aren’t just automated online content marketing. Under automatic funnel, you mean selling services or courses through game content. will explain. When I create a blog:

Sasha, buy this course for $1000. Do you think you will buy it? Out of 1000 people, a maximum of 1 person will be purchased, and the product quality may be poor.Auto suppression solves this problem. It reveals the essence of the course or service, and shows what it really is. He invites text messages to take a look at a person’s life and see the solution in their product in action.

Here we are not assuming that we will solve the problem. The buyer himself goes with the money and gives it to the seller.

Because the content and atmosphere of the game remove all fears, negative beliefs, errors in consciousness, etc. from the person. Yes, my friend, it’s really hard to fathom, but there are a few professionals out there.

A little later, using my example, I will show how to create a simple funnel using game mechanics and start earning a little. After all, you need to put together a team, invest in content and spend time.

How much do you earn: $9,000 to $300,000 per month.

34. “Make Money From Cryptocurrency”Required Investments: To invest in cryptocurrency, you need money. You can start with $100, the income will not be much. You can invest in several ways: buy coins and sell them at a high cost;

Investing in tariff financing. Agriculture, betting, investing in ICO, IDO, IEO projects; cloud mining; Investing in DEX exchanges and liquidity pools.

Investments: $100 to $100,000.

Income form: long term investment.

Nobody believes in cryptocurrencies, just like they never believed in the internet before. Crypto is now more of a speculative asset (they play on the exchange). Nevertheless, I managed to make good money, and now I will briefly tell you how to do it.1. Allocating funds to invest in the project. It is better to start with $100, and you will start investing faster.Determinant 2. Create business wallets and register cryptocurrency exchange accountsChecked 3. You buy TOP-10 coins and forget them for a year.Check 4. You can withdraw the income when it reaches 100% (invest $ 20, and after a year it is $ 40).Check 5. You are investing in other directions.

How much do you bring in: passive income from $1,000 to $100,000 a month.

35- “Trading”Necessary investments: you buy an asset at a low price, and sell it at a high and convenient price for you, taking into account all commissions. All transactions take place on the exchange – an intermediary between the market and the trader.

Investments: from 1,000 to 100,000 dollars and more.

Trading is by no means the best way to make money online for beginners. It is worth understanding the basics of the market, stocking up on $200-500 and practicing. The same market laws operate on stock and cryptocurrency exchanges.

How much can you earn? On average, it goes from 10% to 27% per month for an active trader.

Income form: buying an asset at a low price and selling it at a high price.

36- “Stock, bond, and precious metal investments”What we do: We open an account with a broker, replenish it and start buying stocks, bonds and precious metals.

In order for the portfolio to work well on investments, it is recommended to buy more stocks and bonds with low income (7-10%) and partially high-risk assets (return 10-20% per year).

Investments: from $100 to $100,000 and more.

Investing is a funny thing. You can earn $1000 and $100,000 per month. Income depends on the amount of assets in the portfolio and the average annual return. In the meantime, I will write some rules for the gold investor:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Start diversifying your portfolio: buy different stocks with different returns.Invest in proven projects.Learn to count money and income at the end.

There are a lot of investment strategies, the easiest to implement is to buy and forget.

Income form: long term investment.

37 – “Development of web applications and services”What we do: We are looking for an idea of ​​how we can change the world. The idea is either an online service, a chatbot, a web app, a mobile app, a website, or anything that will work on the internet.

We create a team and start building the project. After assembly, the project can be monetized or sold to someone who needs the product.

Investments: $1,000 to $1,000,000 and above.

You can develop anything, but it is better if it is useful to more people. Check startup sites for ideas or find out what can make life easier for people on the Internet.

Income Format: Create a project with future monetization. The profitability of projects ranges from $10,000 to $100,000.

38. “Selling Game Items”

What we do: We buy a game item from popular games at a cheaper price, wait for the item’s price to go up and sell it at a profit.

Investments: from $100 to $10,000 and more.

If you play popular games (Dota, KC, etc.), you can get rare items and sell them twice as much on a specialized game exchange. And you can get it at paid roulette, if you are lucky 🙂 And the income can range from 100 to 1000 dollars per month and depends on the volume of sales and the price of the item.

Income form: Buying and selling a game item.

39- “Digital Agency Services”What we are doing: We are looking for specialists from the same Internet profession and we are creating an agency that includes similar people to think. We offer customer services in different fields: marketing, applications, games development, product development, etc.

Investments: from 10,000 to 100,000 dollars and more. The development of the team’s work takes time and effort.

The agency, compared to ordinary independent workers, is more reliable in the eyes of customers. Therefore, in order to earn money, you will have to collect a team of similar people in thinking and start performing different winter Internet services:

Marketing (advertising preparation, SMM, etc.)Design (website layouts, graphic design, etc.).Programming (web sites, software distributors, robot programs, etc.)controlBusiness analysisAnd other ports

The income consists of the number of applications for implementation of projects and the average service examination. Average agency profit ranges from 40,000 – 100,000 dollars per month and more.

Income form: providing services to customers.

40. “Profits in Vkontakte”

What do we do: create a public, write content and promote. As always, it’s simple: nothing no. You will have to search for profits outlets, then start working. You can liquefy the group in different ways: based on ads, Sato -TOPS, selling services and training courses, and promoting subsidiary programs.

Investments: from 1000 to 10,000 dollars. The content will have to write or request an independent exchange. It will be more convenient here.

Income form: subordinate sales, advertising.