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Simple Ways to Remember
Simple Ways to Remember

Simple Ways to Remember What You Read

Reading all day? Reading a lot? reading without eating and swim; Still can’t keep study in the brain? 

If this is happening to you, then continue reading our article to find some Simple ways to remember reading. After reading the entire article, follow the given instructions very well. Then from next time, you will realize that it is much easier for you to memorize reading.

Simple Ways to Remember What You Read

Some Very Simple Ways to Remember What You Read

Sit down to tidy up

If you refresh yourself a little before sitting at the reading table, it will greatly affect your reading.

– If the hair is messy, scratch it.

– The reading room must be kept clean. Don’t litter the room by throwing pieces of paper, packets of chips, collar shells, or other rubbish everywhere.

– Do not keep liquids too close to books/notebooks/notes.

– Sit with a watch or table clock before reading.

– Go to the reading table with the necessary equipment so that you do not have to get up again and again. Frequent waking up disrupts concentration.

– Choose a quiet/secluded place to study so that your focus is on reading in full force.

In this way, if you sit down to read after seeing and hearing all around, you will get attention in reading. Reading these is one of the ways to remember and hold on.

Focus your mind on reading

Get rid of bad thoughts and get ready to read with concentration. It is very foolish to think about what happened on the last day or what happened a while ago.

‘I have to concentrate on reading now’ – start reading with the simplest subject with this meditative idea in mind. If you can’t make reading a pleasure, you won’t understand the genuine taste of learning.

Realizing how much fun, how interesting education is, your mind will automatically lean towards the reading table.

If you want to make your mind study, you can do various fun experiments with the things that are available at your fingertips. Because, if you want to experiment, you have to know and read for it.

And once the mind enters into reading, it will be good to remember whatever you read.

First of all, take a look at the last day’s reading

Yes, you are sitting at the reading table but you started reading with a brand new lesson. When it comes to the new reading, many people do not understand the whole thing. As a result, the interest in reading decreases, leaving the reading.

In order to eliminate this problem, you need to take a look at the relevant previous lessons. This will give you a rich idea about the whole subject. You can easily understand the lesson, no need to sweat extra. At the same time, you will be able to bring a good grasp on the lesson.

Read according to routine

Place a routine on the front wall of the table. But it is not enough to just give it a place, you have to accept it completely. Make the routine convenient for you so that you don’t have to worry about following it.

You can allocate one hour for each subject. Yes, if the subject is complex time will increase. Sit down to read every day at specific times according to routine. When you feel most energetic, touch on difficult subjects.

The brain is usually refreshed after waking up in the morning. Try to get up at that time.

Read with a break

One study found that just four hours after reading, exercise stimulated the brain. Dutch scientists have published this information by conducting experiments on seventy-two people. This is because the protein that is released from the body as a result of exercise strengthens the memory capacity of the brain.

So take a break in between reading continuously. After a maximum of one to one and a half hours, you can eat something light with a break. Exercise after four hours.

In the middle of reading, the feeling of drowsiness or sleepiness actually wakes up and comes with a splash of water in the eyes. If you read with a break like this, the capacity of your brain will increase.

Learn details on tabs / smartphones / laptops

A knowledge-hungry person always chases after the store of knowledge. Little knowledge does not satisfy his soul. Even if you are like that, when you go to read, you think, ‘Oh! If only I could know a little more! ‘

Again, your hobby is to acquire knowledge but the problem is that you cannot contain that knowledge. Then go to the internet to bury both the problems. As a result of knowing the details in detail, the subject of the lesson will become fluent for you.

You can read e-books. It has various fields like audio/video/animation etc. As a result, you can enjoy a wonderful lesson.

Your brain will be able to enter data with impairment as both eyes and ears are active while listening to audio/video.

Reading all this is very effective as a way to remember.

Read over time

Yes, you should take occasional breaks in reading, but not excessive breaks. Use the time you have allocated for the subject.

Do not get up suddenly while reading, finish the subject, or do other work. And if you are active in social media between reading, you should not. Or do not touch the mobile phone repeatedly unless necessary. Because it will slowly destroy your attention.

Think twice about the subjects you find immature or difficult. If necessary, you can do a group study. As a result of group study, you can also see what you are learning from the perspective of your friends.

Not memorized without understanding

How does it feel to swallow rice without chewing? Relax? You will not find peace if you memorize without understanding just like that. The fear of forgetting to memorize without realizing it will always linger in your head. So first of all understand your reading well.

It is very important to remember – memorize pieces of information (year of birth, year of death, year of the war, etc.). If you are clear about the concept of the text, you can write it yourself.

Many are seen memorizing subjects like mathematics. What is the result? The value of one digit is mistakenly put in another digit and in the end, Big Zero comes in the examination book. 🙂

Try to understand before eliminating these zero-level ideas. Some things can be remembered as stories. Because the way to remember the story is much easier than remembering to read a few lines.

Make it a habit to read and write

Along with reading, you also need to make a habit of writing. Because, if we write down a topic, it is more stable in our memory than reading it. If you have the habit of writing as well, misspellings can be corrected quickly.

You will also be able to identify and correct errors if you check yourself after writing. However, it is a matter of time to write down all the readings. So write down the answers that seem a little complicated.

Write repeatedly until accurate. It will speed up your writing as well as make the writing brighter.

Make notes yourself

Instead of relying on guides written by others, try to make your own notes. Make a short note of what the teacher said in class and go home and look at the book + add your own thoughts and make a great note.

Highlight the main points of the note. So that you can do scheme readings the night before the exam. Divide your notes into smaller pieces so that they are easier to carry. Add images/pictures that match the reading when creating notes. Self-made notes express one’s thoughts. You will be able to recall the concept of your own notes better than other guides.

Pay attention to eating habits

If you want to refresh your brain, it is very important to change your eating habits. You can also count it as an infallible way to remember to read.

– Drink green tea. It contains less caffeine. This drink is considered to be the most suitable drink for the brain.

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Studies have shown that the brain of a person who drinks green tea is more stable and structured than coffee.

– Drink Blueberries juice. Studies have shown that if a person drinks blueberry juice for twelve consecutive weeks, his memory will change drastically.

– Vitamin C will help increase your memory and thinking ability. To meet the needs of oranges, lemons, malts, mangoes, etc., that is, vitamin C.

– Strawberries are just as effective for the brain as any other berry. It reduces the rate at which memory cells decay with age.

If you eat at least eight strawberries a day, your brain will develop much faster and strong.

I have mentioned several effective ways to remember reading. If you have read these ways of remembering to read patiently, I hope you don’t have to rush to use them in your life.

Above all, keep the body well, stay healthy. Get enough sleep. Excessive physical activity weakens the body. Eat a healthy diet without exhausting your body.

No magic is needed to remember the reading or to find a way. Make a little change in your lifestyle. Try to follow the rules.

Thanks for reading. 🙂