Take Advantage Of Entrance Joker – Read These 10 Tips

September 9
Upon its arrival in North America at the Toronto International Film Festival, the film launched new rounds of anatomy and debate in stark contrast to its enthusiastic reception in Venice. Criticisms of the Canadian capital are quite mixed, with many critics considering the Joker’s ability to inspire acts of national terrorism.

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September 20
A visibly angry Phoenix emerges from an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph after being asked if he is concerned that the Joker “may end up inversely inspiring the kind of people you are with, with potentially tragic consequences.”

“Why? Why …? No, no,” stuttered the actor before leaving.

September 23
Five family members and friends of the 12 people who died during the Aurora shooting sent a letter to Ann Sarnoff, CEO of Warner Bros., in which they stated that “a tragic event committed by a socially isolated individual who felt he was a” “Society’s injustice had changed the course of our lives,” adding: “When we learned that Warner Bros. was releasing a movie called Joker that featured the character as a hero with a comprehensive origin story, we paused.” . The letter goes on to urge the studio to withhold campaign contributions to political candidates who accept money from the NRA and to use their political influence to pressure them to repair guns and help fund charities for gun victims and gun violence intervention programs.

Also that day, the US Army base at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, sent a note to commanders, warning of a “potentially credible mass shooting at an unknown theater” showing the Joker. Citing an intelligence bulletin published by the Sheriff’s Office in Travis County, Texas, in cooperation with local FBI agents, the intelligence bulletin does not mention the location of the violent “incels” attack. This finding alone is based on “very specific disturbing talk on the dark web.”

The memo reads: “Commanders must be aware of this threat to the safety of soldiers and their families and raise awareness of the circumstances if they decide to attend the premiere of this film.”

24th September
Cinemark and Warner Bros. That the Joker will not be shown in the Dawn Century, formerly known as the 16th Century, where the Venetian Revolution took place, nor in the 10th Century.

[Marketers] interpret it as an intense drama with a global superhero undertone. It was very effective.
Later that afternoon, the studio, which donated $ 2 million to victims and survivors of the 2012 Aurora shooting massacre, responded to the letter from family and friends with a friendly but firm statement. “Gun violence in our society is a critical issue, and we offer our condolences to all the victims and families affected by these tragedies,” the statement said. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. One of the functions of storytelling is to start difficult conversations on difficult topics. Make no mistake: neither the fictional Joker character nor the movie endorses real-world violence of any kind. It is not the intention of the film, the filmmakers or the studio to make this character a hero. “

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