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Tesla App Not Working: Troubleshooting Common Issues Of Tesla App

The Tesla app is used for seamless control over your Tesla vehicle. Tesla app not working means you can’t monitor your Tesla EV update on your smart device anymore. Glitches and malfunctions can be frustrating when you don’t know the right way to solve them.

Tesla App Not Working

You are in the right place in search of Tesla app not working fixes. I will try to show you the right way to deal with Tesla app troubles. Besides, I will also share with you the common reasons why it is happening in the first place. Let’s hover down to the main details.

Common Reasons Why Tesla App Not Working

The Tesla app is a convenient app tool for controlling and monitoring your Tesla vehicle. Tesla App not working can be a major problem for you. First, you need to find the reason for these troubles before looking for a fix. Some of the common reasons for Tesla not working issue are shared below.

·  Unstable Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is essential for the Tesla app to function properly. A weak internet connection will interrupt the Tesla app command. It will make the car fail to perform the commanded task accurately.

·         Outdated App Version

The New Tesla app update comes on a regular basis. An outdated app can lead to glitches and malfunctions. You need to regularly check for new updates to stay out of these troubles. Check App Store and Google Play Store to ensure you are using the latest version.

·         App Cache Issue

App cache accumulation can impact performance. You need to often clear the app cache. It may resolve your Tesla not working issue. You will find the cache option on the phone’s settings. Clear all the cache related to the Tesla app.

·         App Not Connecting to the Car

Tesla app often comes short of connecting to the Tesla vehicle. It is a major issue at the time of emergency. The communication breakdown between the app and the car is often resolved after rebooting the phone once.

·         App Crashing

The Tesla app is working but crashes frequently. It can be a very frustrating experience for you. Your Tesla app may require a fresh installation. Eliminate the corrupted data and reinstall the app on your smart device.

·         Incorrect Car Location

Many of us rely on car location to identify our position. Tesla app IS meant to display an accurate car location. Incorrect car location means the data is not refreshing. Try to refresh the app or reset it to get the accurate car location.

How to troubleshoot the Tesla app not working?

Tesla app offers you full control over the electric vehicle. The Tesla app not working means you are encountering some of the troubles mentioned above. The best ways to troubleshoot the Tesla app problems are mentioned underneath.

·         Check Your Internet Connection

You need a stable internet connection to run the Tesla app. Without a strong internet, you will always have problems with the Tesla app. Double-check the reliable network you are using for an internet connection. Make sure it is working. Otherwise, you need to transfer to a new internet connection.

·         Update the App

App Store and Google Play Store both have the Tesla App. When nothing is going right for the Tesla app, you need to look for updates. Make sure you have enough space for the latest update. Always try to use the latest Tesla app and stay out of trouble.

·         Clear App Cache

The corrupt cache can hinder the Tesla app’s performance. You will find all the cache details on the phone setting. From there, you need to open the Tesla app info. Clear all the cache and restart the app. Hopefully, you will no longer have the Tesla app not working issue.

·         Restart Your Phone

Many temporary issues on the Tesla app can be fixed by restarting the phone. Most often your smartphone gets back to the default setting and troubleshoot all the app. If you have any setting issues with the Tesla app, then you need to try this out.

·         Uninstall and Reinstall the App

It might seem like a dull solution to the Tesla app issue but it often works. Fresh installation of the application means you are out of the cache troubles. You can also compare this troubleshooting with a cache-cleaning fix.

·         Check for Server Issues

The Tesla app server might be down. You might have nothing much to do here. They might be in a maintenance period. Visit the Tesla website and get to know about the server issues. Just wait until the Tesla app server issue is fixed.

·         Force-Close the App

Your Tesla app is crashing again and again. It is freezing and not working at all. You can just force-stop the app from the recent app menu. Reopen the app after a short break. Hopefully, you will no longer have the Tesla app glitches.

·         Ensure Car Software Compatibility

Tesla app and car’s software need to be compatible with each other. Sometimes, the older version does not work with the latest model of Tesla. The same is true for the older version Tesla electric model and the latest Tesla app version. Use the right app which is recommended for your Tesla model.

If the Tesla app not working even after these troubleshoots, you need to contact Tesla customer support. Their customer support is active 24/7 at your assistance. Solve your Tesla app problems in no time.

How to fix the Tesla app not connecting to the car?

Tesla app not connecting with the car means there is a communication gap between the app and the vehicle. Often, this problem arises because of a bad internet connection. If the problem persists, you can try out turning it off and on again. This simple action can resolve connectivity problems.

Besides, you also need to be aware of the range of the connection. Stay close to the Tesla vehicle and try to make the Tesla app connection. Check the ‘Allow Mobile Access’ setting and make sure it is enabled. These are the necessary steps that you need to take to fix the Tesla app not connecting to the car issue.

How to fix the Tesla app not sending commands to the car?

You always need to check the internet connection when you have a problem with the Tesla app. Try to reboot the app if the app is not taking the command. Some minor glitches may stop the command from reaching the Tesla vehicle.

Attempt to sign out of the app and take a break. After that, resign to the application. You can also look for server maintenance periods for this kind of trouble. In most scenarios, you will be out of the Tesla app not sending commands to the car at no time.


The Tesla app serves as a vital tool in managing your electric vehicle. Technical glitches often hinder its functionality. I tried to show you some troubleshoots that you can try out to stay out of the Tesla app not working issue.

With this solution in hand, you will never again feel helpless with the Tesla app and vehicle connectivity. Get a seamless interaction between the app and the Tesla vehicle and have a great ride. Stay with us for more tech updates.