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4 Things That True Leaders Say:
4 Things That True Leaders Say:

The 4 Things That True Leaders Say All the Time

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4 Things That True Leaders Say: Two frogs were walking together one day. On the way, they both fell into a three-foot-deep hole together. As soon as he fell, he screamed for help, and he jumped up and tried to get out of the hole.

So, hearing the screams of the two frogs, several other frogs came and gathered around the hole. They were very sad to see the condition of the two frogs. But what else to do! If they come down, they will not only be able to save them, but they will have to die. Meanwhile, the frog’s friend, the monkey also got newly married and went to his father-in-law’s house – he probably won’t return before a month. So it is useless to expect help from him.

Meanwhile, two frogs that fell into the hole are constantly trying to jump. But the slippery soil cannot rise. One of the two frogs is named Pu, and the other is Fu. Seeing Pu and Fu’s suffering, the other frogs began to shout, “Brother, you will die anyway, why are you just suffering?” The last time spent comfortably.

After saying this a few times, Pu sat quietly in the hole. But Fu tried to jump up louder. The more he is told not to try, the more he jumps. The other frogs then shouted at him, calling him ‘stupid’, ‘bull’, and so on. Pu sat down and cried, and the foolish Fu jumped with more excitement. No one understands what the problem is with this frog.

What, boring? “came to hear what leader and positive people what saying to others – but after come and see the story being told in something meaningless.” – Isn’t it?

Well, let’s start with the work first, the story is already read. Let the frogs jump like frogs, we hear a little work. However, I would like to say to those who want to hear the whole story, this writing will not end without ending this story.

A person’s words and behavior, but it is clear what kind of mentality the person is. True leaders and positive people always talk to people in a way that makes them feel excited, optimistic, and confident. Such people are easily liked by others, and most of the time they obey without question.

When you talk to people like that, you will always feel a little better than before. And such people often say a few words to encourage and make others feel good. Almost everyone knows the words but usually does not want to say them. Although very simple, the power and impact of the words are extraordinary. Let’s take a look at the 4 things that people with leadership qualities say to others.

4 Things That True Leaders Say

01. “I made a mistake”

I made a mistake

A very simple thing. But this simple word does not want to come out of our mouths. We don’t want to think about it most of the time. The reason for this is that we think that if we admit a mistake, we may have to become small to others. And for this reason, it seems like a very difficult task.

But the truth is, if you can’t admit your mistake, you can never correct it. And as long as you don’t change yourself, your situation won’t change.

We usually fall for the mistakes of others instead of seeing our own mistakes. Big people do the exact opposite. Instead of trying to recover the guilt and mistakes of others, they try to find their own mistakes. wallow in their sadness and thus. In this way, they become perfect people at some point.

So much for admitting to yourself. When you don’t admit to making a mistake in front of everyone, people around you perceive you as a weak and small-minded person. You lose your respect in their eyes. And everyone looks at you like other ordinary people. Again, if it is revealed in front of everyone after hiding one’s mistake, then there is no other way but to sink to the ground in shame. Now if you establish yourself as a person there who has the courage to admit mistakes, then the picture will change completely.

Positive people with true leadership qualities always admit mistakes and try to correct them quickly. If a team leader has such a mentality, then the rest of the team starts looking at him with a different kind of respect. Began to think of him as a man of a much larger mind. They obey him without saying a word and try to be honest like him.

If you do not have this quality of leadership right now, you can start practicing now. At first, it may seem very uncomfortable – but at some point, you will see that it is this quality of yours that draws others to you, brings you respect.

02. “I’m sorry”

The waiter apologizes for mixed up the dish

This word is one of the most powerful words in the world. You may have a hard time accepting, but with this one word, the war can be stopped. When you admit your mistake for any reason, but also say that you are sorry, in most cases the moment of resentment, anger, reluctance accumulated by others on you will disappear. Many big misunderstandings come to an end with this one word.

When a man apologizes to others for his actions, the importance of his character becomes clear in the eyes of man. Everyone knows how difficult it is to say this, so everyone who says this is respected.

Positive-minded people also use the term to express their sympathy for the suffering of others. When any person near or far from you is in a bad situation, if you open your mouth and express your sympathy to him by saying this, you will see that he is getting a little bit of peace.

03. “You can”

Keep going! You can do it!

Let’s start the story of the frog again. I apologize to those who wanted to hear the story for keeping you waiting so long.

Where I left the story before, Pu was sitting and crying when he heard the other frogs, and Fu was constantly trying to jump up and down. The more the other frogs tell him not to try, the more time he dies to die in peace, the more excited Fu starts to jump. A small hole was created as a result of Fu’s injury in the slope along the middle of the jumping hole. After a few attempts, Fu grabbed the small hole and hung up, leaping over the hole.

Surprised, all the frogs applauded him and asked him how this insult and harsh words made him more excited.

Fu looked at everyone in surprise and said that he thought everyone was encouraging him. Everyone’s enthusiasm boosted his morale, and so he tried. The other frogs said nothing more to him. Pu also grabbed Fu’s hole and came up with a little effort. Then the frogs went their separate ways.

Feeling weird? – The fact is, Fu actually hears a little less in the ear. He can’t hear properly unless he stands in one hand and speaks. So sitting at the bottom of the three-handed hole, he felt the excitement and shouting of the other frogs as if they were encouraging him to climb up. And because of that morale, he did not give up and tried. He was convinced that he could get up if he tried. On the other hand, since his companion Pu heard the other frogs properly, all hopes in his mind were extinguished, and he preferred to sit and wait for death.

Moral of the story?

We actually learn two lessons from this story. The first lesson is, in your words, one’s life can go in both directions, good and bad. In bad situations, you can encourage a person with courage. You can also break his morale by talking about frustration in that situation.

And the second lesson is if someone wants to weaken your morale and courage by making fun of you, or by saying depressing and negative things about you in a bad way – you also start to hear less in the ear like Fu. Focus on the good in yourself rather than on the bad. People who talk about frustration all the time are actually frustrated. They must find something negative in everything. It is wise to pretend to hear less in front of them.

Now if you are a person who encourages others all the time. Whenever an acquaintance goes to work hard, you always say “you can do it” – then that person will become much more confident. There are not many people in the world who find enthusiasm and confidence in themselves. They always need encouragement from outside. When you take on the role of that person, everyone will start respecting you. Unbeknownst to them, they will accept you as their leader.

A true leader always encourages his teammates with positive words. And that’s why the confidence inside him affects the whole team and increases the speed and quality of the work a lot.

Spreading self-confidence among the whole team is the main task of a true leader.

Even parents should repeatedly tell their children that they can do anything if they try. Once the result is bad, if you can explain to anyone that if you study properly, you can get good results without insulting and annoying him, then the children will become more confident in their studies. – This word may have come out of context. But don’t think of yourself as a parent who is leading a child’s life to a better position.

Always tell others that you trust them. When you tell a person that “I know you can” – it means you have confidence in him. When a person realizes that someone is trusting him, a sense of responsibility develops in him – which makes him work with more confidence.

04. “I’m proud of you”

I am very proud of you my little boy

Suppose you are a team leader, or a good friend, a parent. Someone did something very good with your enthusiasm. Then if you call him or go to him and pat him on the back and say that you are proud of him. You may not be able to imagine how much of a positive effect this little word can have on a person.

Every man wants, when he does something good, someone will applaud him for that work. Acknowledge his contribution and be grateful. If someone is told that someone is proud of their work after doing a good deed – then it is found differently for him.

Especially those who have doubts about their own power are very inspired by such words. And there is a feeling of gratitude in the heart of the person who told him this.


Just a few words can change the lives of the people around you. It can change their perception of themselves, of the world. If you want to, you can do so much good to another person by word of mouth, which is often not possible without spending a lot of money and benefits. Saying these words will increase your self-confidence as well as your self-esteem. Unbeknownst to them, they will put you in a position of leadership. So start practicing saying these words, albeit experimentally. That’s not what we’re talking about. We believe that when you see the results applied in real life, you will start saying these words more and more.

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