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best neck and shoulder massager
best neck and shoulder massager

The Best Neck And Shoulder Massager Reviews in 2023

The best neck massager effectively alleviates pain and greatly enhances your mobility. Besides improving your muscles flexibility and mobility, using the items on a regular basis boosts your blood circulation. If you frequently experience a headache, chances are they are caused by tense muscles around your neck and head. Use a good neck and shoulder massage that perfectly suits you and the pain will disappear.

However, dues to the presence of so many types and brands of these vital items, finding your ideal one can be difficult. That needs not to be the case if follow the guidance in our comprehensive neck massage reviews. We have included each and every important detail to help you have an easy time getting your dream neck massager. Read on.

Types Of Neck And Shoulder Massagers

Neck massagers are classified according to the nature of massage therapy they utilize. Different manufacturers, therefore, make their products to conform to one of the following real massage therapies;

  1. Vibration;products under this category provide effective therapy to quickly loosen your sore and tired muscles. The massage relaxes underlying muscles thereby stimulating blood flow resulting in many other massage benefits. Expert massage therapists recommend applying vibrations on the shoulder, back and neck for 5 to the 10-minute session, using a handheld device, for the best results.
  2. Shiatsu;this is one of the most widespread techniques utilized by most models. The method involves rolling fingers, palms and thumbs on some of your pressure points. Devices under this category imitate the technique using massage nodes that revolve around their axis thus producing a soothing feel. The method effectively promotes muscle relief and relaxation.
  3. Kneading;devices under this category imitate the application of pressure to different parts of your body using palms and fingers. Kneading presses the soft tissues, like the muscles and the skin, against the bones’ hard surfaces. The technique is effective in stimulating your body thus treating tights muscles and giving you relief from your neck pain.
  4. Percussion;a method of massage in which solenoids (a type of insulated wire that converts electric power into motion) instigates various parts of your body, including your neck. The technique delivers deep massage to your troubled body areas (not necessarily around your neck and shoulder).

Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Neck Massagers Reviews

The following is a list of the top 10 best neck and shoulder massager reviews of 2020 with short details on their features and benefits to guide you in comparing and picking the most appropriate and the neck massagers for your needs.

#1. Bruntmor Cordless Rechargeable Neck Massager

This kneading massager delivers soothing warmth in addition to its effective shiatsu massage technique. The model is all customizable meaning you can tailor it to provide your desired comfort and natural relaxation. Thanks to its 8 kneading nodes that reliably soothe sore muscles this massager relieve shoulder, calf, back (both lower and upper), and foot pain. Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager is a potent yet portable full-body massage tool.


Heat Feature; The massager features an advanced heating setting that not only soothes but also relaxes aching muscles. It contains a selectable heat setting specifically designed to provide relaxing deep tissue relaxing massage. Such therapy delivers the pain relieving and hence revitalizing effects. Even more appealing is the fact you can turn on this feature with a simple touch of a button.

Portability; Being a cordless, rechargeable massager means it is very portable. With this model you enjoy the benefit of using it anywhere anytime; simply charge it and carry it around so you can use to massage your neck or shoulder at your convenience. You can, therefore, use it outdoors, while traveling or in any other locality with the electric power connection.

Versatility; Regarded omnipotent magical massaging tool, this massager is very flexible. It features multidirectional nodes which offer a pleasing massage experience. Treat yourself to a full-body massage as the shiatsu massage therapy penetrates to hard-to-reach spots. The massager is flexible enough to deliver impressive results on the hip, calf, foot, thigh or leg.

Solid design; The device features a sturdy shell made of PU leather, a material that is highly durable and safe in addition to the dependable and long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Consequently, you are assured of safety and value for money as you enjoy the relaxation and soothing effects of the Bruntmor massager. It is, therefore, such a reliable and effective back and neck massaging tool.

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#2. Naipo Shiatsu Neck Massager

This massaging tool comes ready boxed and can be set up for use in a matter of minutes. Unlike many of its rivals, it features both mains AC and DC power adaptors for increased portability. Simply plug it into the power source at your disposal (whether at home, at the office or in a caravan), plug it on and sit back and enjoy the therapy.


Overheat protection; The massager is designed to run for 20 minutes. So, to safeguard against accidental overheating, a pre-programmed 20-minute auto-shutoff safety feature turns it off automatically after 20 minutes. You can, nonetheless, restart it by simply pressing a conveniently located ON/OFF button if you wish to extend your massaging sessions.

3D Rotation Technique; It features three-dimensional rotation kneading massage rollers in an ergonomic U-design that makes it ideal for vehicle, office or home use. The massager contains different nodes for your various body parts. In addition to the heat function, the various rollers effectively ease your leg muscles resulting in a diminishment of stress and full-body relaxation.

Multipurpose Use; Naipo Shiatsu Massager has everything it takes to relieve upper back tension, lower back pain and to provide full body massage therapy. The heat feature relieves muscle tension and eliminates migraines while the multidirectional nodes work on your many reflex points. It is also effective against the lower back pain that becomes tense due to overuse associated with rigorous exercising.

Adjustable Intensity Button; An advanced intensity button provides three unique speeds namely high, medium and low. The massager, therefore, allows you to choose the intensity that specifically suits your body condition and needs. Pull down the massager with your arms increase the intensity while raising your arms slightly reduces the pressure. You can also vary the speed at which massage nodes rotate.

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#3. InvoSpa Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

Equipped with eight (8) kneading nodes specifically designed to deliver the feel of an actual human being, this 3d shiatsu massager delivers alluring comfort whether you are using it at home, in a car or even office. It utilizes 3-dimensional kneading rollers to provide a message that meritoriously works on your shoulder, neck, lower/upper back, waist calves, thighs, legs, arms, and feet.


Bi-Directional Movement; It provides two massage directions thanks to a handy bi-directional movement mechanism and control that perfectly mimics the motion of a real person. It auto-reverses direction after every minute and hence best distributes the massage effects. The experience the massager delivers is, therefore, closely comparable to that of a personal masseuse.

Differently-sized roller balls; It comes with four big and four small nodes that effectively deliver deep tissue massage on your shoulders, neck, waist, lower back, foot, calves legs, arms or feet. The message will help your entire body release stress and relax sore muscles thus helping you relax. Buy and gift it to your loved ones for a lasting impression.

Adjustable Intensity; This massager pad features three-speed strength levels; low, medium and high. It, therefore, allows you to use the right and your desired level on intensity to lessen your muscle pain. The right pressure setting coupled with the appropriate heat level provides many health benefits including boosting your body’s blood circulation.

Personalized massage therapy; This shiatsu massager, just like many of the manufacturer’s products, provides high-quality and personalized massage therapy. It contains all the features you can expect from a high-end massaging tool such as heart function and auto shutdown setting. It also has a classy and durable designed and as such will provide service for a considerable duration of time.

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#4. Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

This massage pillow is a top-of-the-line device with most of the features found in products in top-range products. Besides using eight shiatsu massage roller nodes to relieve muscle tension, it contains a heat feature that enables it to penetrate deep into the tissues. Nektek is generally a good model and provides a great massaging experience.


Deep-kneading massage heads; Melt away your stress with this pillow’s deep kneading massage heads designed to troublesome areas of your body. The heads ably soothe and revitalize sore muscles in your shoulders and upper/lower back. Choose massage with/without heat for extra personalized comfort. The massager’s ultra-soft fabric provides an appealing soothing surface.

Accessories; The package includes all the necessary accessories such as one UL listed AC power adapter, a car adapter, and a comprehensive user manual. A handy remote control means you will always have a simple and stress-free operation of the massaging tool. The inbuilt heating function, which reliably massages fatigued muscles, is safe to use.

Versatile design; Its features a versatile design that follows the shape of your body and as such focuses on specific target areas of your body for a revitalizing massage experience. The design enables it to reach acupuncture points in your neck. Considering its modest price range this great design is a big plus.

Free car adapter; The car adapter it comes with is so versatile you can you can use your car’s cigarette lighter as a source of power. So, if you spend long duration in your car, as is the case with truckers and individuals who drive RV’s, this massager is ideal for you.

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#5. MaxKare Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

MaxKare provides professional massage thanks to its 8 massage nodes that rotate naturally changing direction after every one minute. It, therefore, vividly mimics actual massage movements of a seasoned masseuse. The bidirectional shiatsu massage motion facilitates deep tissue kneading and hence effectively relieves stiff muscles on your neck and shoulder.


Soothing Heat; In addition to three-level adjustable massage intensity, this electric massager features has an optional soothing heat that works so well helping unwind from accumulated stress and fatigue. It amply customizes relaxation for your entire body including the cervical, back, legs, back, waist and shoulder. Use this product to relief all your muscle pains.

Ergonomically designed; MaxKare Shiatsu massager fits in snugly with contours of the different parts of your body like your back, waist, calves, and abdomen. This design is necessary for ultimate massage effect because it applies the right amount of pressure to your various body parts. The effect penetrates right into the deep tissues without sacrificing on comfort, making this model one of the best neck massagers in the market.

Breathable mesh; It has a high-quality breathable mesh fabric that contains evenly spaced holes. Such a fabric promotes heat penetration cushions massage pressure and prevents flexible motions of the rolling nodes. Add this to a 15-minute smart timer that reminds you of the ideal massage duration for safety reasons and you have a massaging tool that is not only useful but also safe.

Deluxe PU Leather; The massager is covered with a high-quality FDA approved leather that is bot soft to touch and easy to clean. All you need to wipe it clean is a moist cloth and the equipment will substantially enhance its massaging capabilities.

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#6. LiBa Cordless Shiatsu Neck Massager

LiBA massager effectively soothes achy muscles thus relieving stiffness in your shoulder, neck, legs and upper and lower back. Being a rechargeable massager means its portability is commendable. It comes with a reliable rechargeable battery that you can use for up to 90 minutes. It is also relatively compact; it measures 12 by 7 by 4.5 inches.


Shiatsu massaging technique; The fact it utilizes shiatsu massaging implies that it steadfastly massages your pressure points boosting blood circulation and aiding your body regain energetic homeostasis. It also decreases muscle stress. With reduced stress chance of illnesses decrease tremendously. Its overall effect, therefore, is a substantial improvement in your overall health.

Easy to use; The massager boasts of an easy, one-button control procedure. The process involves a single press to turn the device on, a subsequent press to turn off heat setting and third press to the entire unit off. The ease of use facilitates flexible utilization of the massaging tool in different settings.

High portability; Liba is fully portable. Its battery, capable of delivering a maximum of 1.5 hours of continuous use means its use is not limited to places with electric power connections. The package includes a wall charger. So, grab one for your personal use, charge it fully and use it anywhere anytime.

Powerful massage motors; This therapeutic massager features advanced motors offering deep kneading for effective relief from muscle pain. The strong motors also soothe muscles including those in hard-to-reach places. It also changes direction automatically after every one minute to effectively penetrate all your sore muscles for a fulfilling massaging experience.

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#7. FIVE Star Shiatsu Neck Massager

FS8801 massage pillow comes with eight massage nodes which can either rotate clockwise or anticlockwise. The direction of their rotation greatly transforms the massaging experience and allows them to reach various spots on your neck and back. In addition to its two massage directions is a 3-level speed that increases its expediency.


Moderate portability; The package includes a 10 feet power cord that increases its portability a great deal. This feature gives you a degree of mobility; you do not have to be close to a power outlet to use your massager. Most of its competitors come with a slightly shorter power cable.

Auto-off feature; Are worried of accidental overheats arising for extended use of a massaging tool? Such an eventuality is taken care of in this neck massager by a handy auto-off feature that turns it off after every fifteen minutes of use. Pressing the power button, at the expiry of the duration, turns the tool on for another 15 minutes, though.

Heated massage function; This feature is handy if your main purpose is to relieve your muscles from those disturbing back, neck and shoulder pains. It spreads the soothing warmth and relaxation across your back. Even when its highest temperature setting is on, the heat feature still lies within the safe range.

Car Adapter; Five Star comes with a car adapter so you can use it inside your car. Simply connect the adapter to your car’s cigarette lighter and enjoy a relaxing massaging session. The adapter provides enough power to run it. You should, nevertheless, avoid using the pillow while driving; massage can make muscles spasm, something that is undesirable when you are behind the wheel.

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#8. NURSAL 3D Shiatsu Neck Massager

This massage pillow is arguably the best massaging tool in its price range. Despite its modest pricing, this device incorporates quite a good number of useful features including some that are rarely found in costlier models. It is quite huge which means it is more comfortable to use (especially you use it on your legs and lower back).


Hand vibration function; This feature allows you to put your hands inside two built-in pockets and have the tool to massage them alongside your back. This function is one of the features you hardly find in more expensive brands. It provides a relaxing massage for your hands and can even ease joint aches and pains.

Heat function; Massage nodes nicely warm up and the resulting heat effectively radiates to all your muscles. This feature stretches your muscles enabling you to feel them lose the tension they have gathered throughout the day. Besides making your muscles relax, the heat function helps you regain their flexibility.

Bidirectional massage; Nursal neck and shoulder massage tool contain four rotation nodes that provide a deep-tissue soothing experience. The nodes can even change directions to get to deep-tissue muscles. Switch the reverse feature to automatic and the nodes will alter their directions after every one minute. You can, nonetheless, switch the direction of rotation manually.

Intensity setting; Massage intensity setting enables you to control massaging pressure by a simple press of a button. Note that the difference between the various settings is quite noticeable; the lowest is almost equivalent to a gentle caress while the highest can be too intense for some individuals. Familiarize yourself with all and select the one you are most comfortable with.

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#9. Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck Massager

Brookstone neck massager is not only sturdy and reliable but also extremely effective. If you have chronic neck pain and stiffness, or you simply wish to utilize the best massager for its price range, this model is ideal for you. It is a sling-style massager with very many useful features. The presence of auto-shutoff function also means its safety is assured.


Noiseless operation; The massager runs so quietly you can utilize it in an office setting without disturbing your colleagues. The fact it is also cordless further imply that it has unlimited portability. So, you can utilize it around your home, or you can carry with it and use while traveling.

Attractive nodes setting; In addition to the mode that alternates the direction of node rotation, this device features a setting that rotates the nodes in one direction only. This feature is a very attractive bonus for individuals who do not like it when the massaging tool keeps on changing direction throughout a massaging session.

Flexibility; You can switch the heat on or off, alter the speed settings or even shift the entire device around your neck to your most comfortable position. The use of handles to adjust, as opposed to the sling arms, in this model also increases precision and intuitiveness. The option to use a normal grip makes the unit more ergonomic to use.

Solid construction; The mesh section in this unit does not chafe like in other low-cost options and its faux leather straps are less chintzy. It also comes with a more reliable motor that can provide service for a longer duration. Its heat function is also dependable. Many users agree that the message it delivers is irresistible.

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#10. Medcursor Shiatsu Kneading Massager

This massaging device is the answer to all your tired and sore muscles. It comes with eight remarkable massage rollers specially designed to massage your acupressure points. The unit, therefore, reliably relieves stress and anxiety, reduce tension and eliminate common muscle ailments and pain.


Heat/warm feature; Simply activate the handy heat/warm feature to boost the flow of oxygen to your muscles and ease the pain. The unit, therefore, best suits individuals who suffer from arthritis, migraines, chronic pain, muscle spasm, among other disturbing muscle tensions. Due to its contemporary design Medcursor neck massager easily focuses on and targets hard-to-reach areas like the shoulder and the back.

Programmable rollers; Programmable deep-kneading massage rollers imply that you can alter the direction in which roller nodes turn or the speed of rotation. The former is allows you to switch between clockwise and anticlockwise rotating modes while the latter permit you to change speed from low to medium or even fast.

Safe and Advantageous; It uses a UL listed adapter and it is built with overheat resistance capacity. This massager has an auto Auto-off feature, no need to think about manually turning it off after a few minutes.

Overheat Resistance capacity; The unit uses a UL listed adapter and features a high over-heat resistance capacity for added safety. It also contains an auto shut-off function that besides making it safe prevents unnecessary consumption of electric power. You won’t have to manually turn it off; it automatically goes off after a few minutes of operation.

Portability; This neck massager is lightweight and can be operating via a car adapter its portability is fairly high. Subsequently, you can use it at home or in your car as you travel. It, thus, saves you time and money because you do not have to rush to the nearest spa or reflexology parlor for a refreshing massage.

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Things to consider before Buying

Massage technique; Your intended purpose will determine the type of neck massage that you should settle for. So, if you are looking for a device that will work different muscles around your neck and shoulder, shiatsu models are ideal for you. Similarly, kneading type suits anyone who desires who loosen their tight muscles while those utilizing vibration technique increase state of relaxation among other benefits.

Heat feature; Make sure the neck massager you are considering uses heat therapy. Heat warms up muscles, increasing their ability to stretch leading to increased flexibility. Note that the high-quality neck and shoulder massagers including those featured in our neck massage reviews below incorporate this feature.

Power Source; Some neck massagers are battery operated while others electricity powered. Base your choice on the type of power at your disposal. Battery run model (designed to use a Lithium battery as their main power source) is more portable than the latter. Electricity powered variously come with a long cable to increase portability or are compatible with car adapters to enhance their usefulness.

Portability; Avoid the models that come with very short power cords because portability of such devices is limited. While electricity powered massagers featuring long powers are more portable, cordless ones have the best portability. You simply charge your device and use anywhere you want, anytime. Cordless models, nonetheless, mostly come with short power cords meaning much as you can use them when recharging, portability then is limited.

Flexibility; Even though your primary aim is to use the device to massage your shoulders and neck, it is advisable to buy a model that is not strictly limited to these areas. Settle for a massager that can deliver impressive results in many other areas of your body. This way, you will have some level of liberty when using it.

Where to Buy The Neck And Shoulder Massager Online?

Even though there are very many suppliers of neck massagers not all can be trusted to supply high-quality neck massagers. You need to identify a genuine manufacturer or a certified dealer, a process that can be difficult considering the huge number of unscrupulous retailers. Some manufacturers are based in far-off places and having them ship the device so you can increase the price tremendously.

The best solution is to buy from Amazon, the world-renowned online retailer. Having been in business for a long time, the retailer knows how to identify genuine manufacturers and has in place a good warranty and return policy.

Final Words

The best neck massager has all the necessary features to deliver a revitalizing massage experience. Besides mimicking the motions of an expert masseuse the device has useful features like heat function, adjustable speed and intensity settings and light and hence portable.

So, when shopping for one, look out for the factors mentioned in our buyers guide above. Cordless models featuring Lithium Ion batteries can last for up to a week of everyday use. Corded, on the other hand, have the advantage of long power cables which mean you can use them even when charging. If your budget allows, settle for any of the product featured in our neck massage reviews above, and you will get value for your money.