What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrencies have seen wide market acceptance and rapid development despite their recent conception.
Many hedge funds and asset managers have begun to include
cryptocurrency-related assets in your portfolios and trading strategies. The academic community has spent similarly
considerable efforts in cryptocurrency trading research.
This document aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the
cryptocurrency trading research, by which we mean any
study aimed at facilitating and building strategies for trade

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As an emerging market and research direction, cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading have seen remarkable progress and a notable increase in interest and activity [97]. In Figure 1, we look at over 85% of the articles
have appeared since 2018, demonstrating the appearance of
cryptocurrency trading as a new research area in financial trading.
The literature is organized according to six different aspects of cryptocurrency trading:
• Cryptocurrency trading software systems (i.e. real-time trading systems, turtle trading systems, arbitrage
commercial systems);
• Systematic trading including technical analysis, pairs
trade and other systematic business methods;

among technologies identifies classifications of methodology or technical methods in cryptocurrency trading research. Specifically, we divide the search distribution between
categories and technologies in statistical methods and machine learning technologies. Additionally, we identify the datasets
and opportunities (possible research directions) they have
appeared in the cryptocurrency exchange area. To ensure that
our survey is self-contained, we aim to provide sufficient
material to adequately guide financial trade researchers
who are interested in cryptocurrency trading.
There have been related works that have discussed or partially discussed
reviewed the literature related to cryptocurrency trading. Kyriazis et al. [158] survey on efficiency and profitable trade
opportunities in cryptocurrency markets. Ahamad et al. [4]
and Sharma et al. [210] provided a short survey on cryptocurrencies. Ujan et al. [180] provided a short survey on cryptocurrencies
systems. To the best of our knowledge and belief, no previous work
provided a particularly targeted comprehensive survey
on cryptocurrency trading.
In summary, the work provides the following contributions:
Definition. This document defines cryptocurrency trading and
It ranks you in: cryptocurrency markets, cryptocurrency trading models, and cryptocurrency trading strategies. The main content of this survey is the trading strategies for cryptocurrencies as we cover all aspects.
Multidisciplinary investigation. The document provides a comprehensive investigation of 118 cryptocurrency business records,
in various academic disciplines such as finance
and economics, artificial intelligence and computer science
Science Some articles may cover multiple aspects and
will be detected for each category.
Analysis. The article analyzes research distribution, datasets
and the trends in the cryptocurrency trading literature.
Horizons. The paper identifies challenges, promising research directions in cryptocurrency trading, which they aim for
promote and facilitate new research.
Figure 2 shows the structure of the card, which is shown
by the revision scheme adopted. More details on this can
can be found in section 4.
2. Cryptocurrency trading
This section provides an introduction to cryptocurrencies.
Trade. We will discuss Blockchain, as an enabling technology, cryptocurrency markets, and cryptocurrency trading strategies.

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