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Hair Transplant
male head with thinning hair or alopecia

What Is Hair Transplant, Why, And How?

The most amazing and modern method to solve the problem of hair loss or baldness is a hair transplant. At present, the interest in hair transplant is increasing day by day. However, many people do not know the details about this surgery. What is a hair transplant? How is this done? How effective is the method? Does it have any side effects? Today’s article is about the details of hair replacement.

What Is Hair Transplant

What is a hair transplant?

Like other body parts (such as kidneys and eyes), hair transplants are now possible. However, in this case, no other person’s hair is placed on the patient’s head. Here the hair is taken from one part of the head and applied to the other part. This method of hair transplantation is hair transplant or hair replacement. Our hair is usually divided into two parts.

  1. Temporary zone or temporary part
  2. Permanent zone or permanent part

The front part of the head is called the temporary zone. The hairs in this part are not permanent. That is, with age or any physical complication, these hairs fall out.

The backside of the head and both sides of the ear are called permanent zones. The hair of this part is permanent. They do not fall off over time due to genetic or hormonal reasons.

This is why if there is a problem of baldness due to hereditary or hormonal reasons, the hair on the front of the head is seen to fall out. In the case of girls, the hair is reduced from the front.

Hair density is higher in the permanent zone. Therefore, hair/follicles are collected from here for transplantation in the bald temporary zone. The area from which hair or follicles are removed is called the ‘donor area’.

How is a hair transplant done?

A hair transplant is a delicate surgery. Not one or two, the surgery requires a team of trained hair transplant surgeons. Where there must be a few plastic surgeons. Accompanied by some trained dermatologists and a few cutters for follicle cutting.

Local anesthesia is always applied to the patient before the operation. It is a procedure where the sensitivity of a particular part of the patient is controlled by temporary anesthesia. In the case of hair transplants, anesthesia is applied to the scalp.

Since hair transplant or hair replacement surgery is a very delicate surgery, it is also quite time-consuming. The operation takes at least 5-6 hours.

There are three methods of hair transplant.

  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
  2. FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction)
  3. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

FUT Method

In the FUT method, the scarf is cut about half an inch wide from the back of the head and brought up with the skin. From there the follicles are cut out and brought out artificially. The follicle is pushed by the injection and applied to the front of the head. In this method, about 2000 hairs can be applied in 4 hours. A surgeon can apply about 6,000 hairs to the procedure.

The FUT method in hair transplants is slowly rising. Because this method has more comparative complexity. The wound on the back of the head is sutured and takes about 10 days to dry. There are scars and pain for several days after the surgery. However, the hair doesn’t have to shave.

Moreover, cutting each follicle and hair separately, then attaching each part separately is a very troublesome procedure.

FUE method

A micrometer is used for hair transplant in the FUE method. With this micrometer, each hair is picked up separately from the ‘donor area’. It has a punch with which the hair is lifted one by one and then attached with the motor.

This method does not require cutting like FUT. However, there is a possibility of transsection due to the motor. One of the disadvantages of the FUI method is that you can’t put too much hair together at once. However, the biggest problem is that if 100 hairs are applied, only approximately 30 will survive! 70 will not last. That is why the FUI method is also likely to go beyond the hair transplant method.

DHI Method

DHI is the most modern method of hair transplant. As well as the most effective method used so far in hair replacement. In this method, each hair is lifted by hand using a hand punch. Although it takes more time as it is done by hand. However, there is no use of cutters or micrometers, so it is less complicated.

The biggest advantage is that if you put 100 hairs here, about 97 will survive! At present, DHI is the most reliable method of hair transplant for surgeons. The idea is that in the future, this method will be used in hair transplants all time.

Hair transplant for whom?

There are many people who get bald due to hereditary or hormonal reasons without keeping their feet at 25-30. In the case of girls, the rate of hair loss naturally increases after menopause. Again, many people lose their favorite hair due to accidents. Hair transplant is ready to show its success in some cases where it is almost impossible to grow new hair!

Anyone suffering from hair problems can get a hair transplant or hair replacement. Whether you are 25 years old or 60 years old, age is not a big issue here. Hair replacement is possible at any age if you have a healthy ‘donor area’.

Usually, you don’t have to take care of anything. Only if you have good health. In patients with diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, there are no complications in surgery if the diseases are under control.

The cost of a hair transplant

In other countries, the fee for hair transplant is fixed as per follicle. For example, the FUT method in Canada costs 1-1.5 Canadian cents per follicle in the clinic. And the FUI method costs 50-60 rupees per follicle.

Hair transplantation is widely possible in the united states. However, due to the lack of ideas about hair replacement, many people still do not have confidence in the subject. Although the surgery that is being done abroad is now being done successfully in several clinics in the united states!

Unlike other countries, money is not calculated per follicle in many clinics in the united states. The total cost of a hair transplant here is from 1200 – 1400 USD. Fees vary depending on the work of the surgeons and the clinic.

How long will the result be available?

The transplanted hair falls out after a while and starts growing again. This is a fairly slow process. Hair starts to grow in 4 to 6 months. As such, you will start getting the benefits of a hair transplant in one to one and a half years.

Is there any need for special care after a hair transplant?

No special care is required after a hair transplant or hair replacement. You will be able to live a perfectly normal life. There are no strict rules even for follow-up.

But yes, one thing is very important to remember. Always stay clean. It is necessary to make sure that the scarf does not get dusty. All the multivitamins that will be given as additional nutrition are enough. However, at this time the patient will not be able to smoke at all.

The benefits of hair transplant

The benefits of hair transplant/hair replacement are mainly due to its natural beauty. Many people take the help of wigs to get rid of the problem of baldness. However, as it is artificial hair, it does not have much benefit. There is always the fear of hair loss. There is no such problem with hair transplants. Moving, playing sports or running is not a problem at all.

Hair transplant is the only safe, natural and permanent solution to the baldness problem. It can also enhance the beauty of women’s hair by increasing the density.

There is no artificiality in this hair. It is permanent. Hair density is also good. Hair grows naturally. You can cut her hair short, do regular shampoo-conditioning, oil massage. Rebonding or curling will also be no problem. Even if you shave, it will grow new hair!

Another advantage of hair transplants is that you do not have to continue treatment like PRP or other therapies for the rest of your life. Once the surgery is done, you will get rid of the problem of baldness or hair loss for the rest of your life.

Hair transplants are going to be done not only on the head but also on the eyebrows, mustache, and beard. This is because eyebrows or mustaches are often damaged in an accident. Moreover, many do not have hair between the mustache and chin, but they want to keep the French cut! They also need hair replacement to solve this problem.

Side effects of hair transplants

Little is known about the side effects of hair transplants. However, since all surgeries have some or other side effects, it is not impossible to have some complications of hair transplant.

The head may feel a little heavy for two to three days after the surgery. When diseases like hypertension and diabetes are not under control, hair transplant complications occur.

Of course, there is nothing to worry about the operation. If Surgeons are experienced then usually no problem. There is no risk of pain as the surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Bleeding is also very low. However, the pain or scar may go away for several days after the surgery. Moreover, the part from which the hair is lifted has the potential to reduce the density of the hair.

There is really nothing to fear in hair transplant surgery. This is a very safe surgery. If the follicle is applied, hair will come. It goes without saying that there is no danger of failure. In this case, you can be 100% sure.